Saturday, January 23, 2010

All About Derek

by Meghann on January 23, 2010

Derek is my rock. Without his constant support I don’t know where I would be.

For every race I’ve ran in the last 12 months he has been there cheering me on at each and every finish line. He has risen before dawn, stood in the unbearable heat and cold, waited around for hours, took countless pictures, and overall has put up with my constant stress over time and directions. Basically he is amazing and I couldn’t imagine a better guy.

After a year of supporting my love for running a little of my passion was bound to rub off. Slowly but surely Derek has been making his own marks on the running scene and for the first time this morning our roles were reversed. Derek became the runner and I became the spectator.

The Season’s 52 5.2k was all about Derek and I was proud to watch as he ran the race of his life. Crossing the finish line minutes before I expected him!


5.2k finish time = 28:37

5k finish time = 27:36

Go Derek Go!

It was strange this morning to wake early for a race I knew I wasn’t going to run. I can’t recall having ever been a spectator for race before and I was excited for the role reversal.

My stomach is always growling as soon as I wake up and I knew breakfast wouldn’t be happening for another couple of hours, so I had a piece of toast with almond butter, pumpkin butter, ground flax seed, and raisins to hold me over until then.


We arrived at the race site about an hour before the start. Its always a great idea to get to the start early to avoid any problems with parking or packet pick up.


IMG_7182.JPG IMG_7183.JPG

Last year when I ran this race with Caitlin and Melissa (recap here) it was freezing! Today the temps were comfortable and just a touch on the cool side. Perfect running conditions.




What’s a race without a never ending line for the porta potty?



I wonder if anyone will be able to put two and two together in this photo? If anyone does I’ll give them a prize! 😉


10 minutes before the gun went off all the runners started making their way to the corrals that were broken up by pace.


Derek squeezed in with the 9 minute milers. He had a goal and he was sticking with it!


I wish him luck, gave him a kiss and headed to where I hoped I could catch up just past the start line.





they were off!!




I had my camera in the ready waiting for Derek to pass. I saw crowd after crowd fly by, but no Derek. I began to wonder if I had missed him until all of a sudden if he was in my line of sight.


I was so intent at taking a photo that I forgot to yell “Go Derek!” so he had no clue when he passed me.


I think concentrating on the race was his first priority. 🙂


As soon as he passed I took off too. The plan was to cut through a side street to catch Derek just before the first mile.

Mission accomplished!


He sees me


Go Derek!!



Finding a runner in the crowd is way harder than it looks! Its like finding a needle in a haystack and I have new respect for every friend, family member, or Derek who have been able to spot me in any of my races.



See you in 2 more miles!


I knew I had 10 or 15 minutes to waste before I needed to be at the finish line, so I paid a little visit to the Florida Hospital booth to have my body fat measured.


To obtain my body fat percentage they pinched my arm, stomach and thigh with a calibrator thingy. I know its not the most accurate measurement, but its interesting to know.

The last time I had my body fat measured was at the celebration 10k over a year ago. Then my fat was measured at 23.2% and today the number came to 18.6%. Pretty interesting to see the 5% difference in a year.

The measurement took all of 5 minutes and I was able to make it to the start time to watch the first person cross the finish line.


Keep in mind the time is for a 5.2k distance which is about 3.2 miles as opposed to 3.1.

You know you’re a real runner when you spend 14 minutes watching person after person cross the finish line and never get bored. I think watching certain groups of people cross at certain times inspired me to strive faster for my next 5k. A 20 minute 5k time? If so and so can do, why can’t I?!? 🙂

I was expecting Derek to cross just after 30 minutes, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw him heading towards the finish in the 29 minute range.


Can you spot him?



Crossing the finish line full of pride with a big grin on his face. YAY!!!!!



And he’s done. 🙂


I was SCREAMING my head off!! I could not have been more proud. His goal was to pass the 5k mark below 30 minutes for his chip time and he managed to cross the 5.2 finish line before the 30 minute clock time!

I ran through the crowd and immediately jumped on him. He did great. No, he did awesome!!! He KILLED his previous PR times and I was there to watch it all!



Official time:

5k: 27:36

5.2k: 28:37

Derek ran his first 5k back in September with a finish time of 37:57 and in less than 6 months he was able to shave more than 10 minutes from his time! Its amazing what a difference a little hard work and practice will make.


I told you I was rubbing off on him. 😉

After the big race we headed to my new favorite breakfast spot, Briar Patch, for a celebratory breakfast.



I ordered the usual: Blue Heaven Wheat and Fiber Pancakes


with a side of fruit


I knew from experience that the pancake stack is too much for one meal, so when I ordered the pancakes I also asked for a to go box and packed up half for home and ate the other half for breakfast.


The pancakes were AMAZING as always. I left stuffed and satisfied. 🙂

We’re packing up and heading over to Tampa right now. I gave Derek tickets for a Tampa Bay Lightening game tonight. It will be my first hockey game ever and I have no idea what to expect. It should be fun though!

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