Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Staying Power

by Meghann on January 13, 2010

My secret jar strikes again!


I knew dinner was going to be on the later side and needed a snack with a little staying power.

My giant glob of almond butter paired with a baggie full of carrots and orange slices was the perfect mix of fiber and protein to keep my tummy happy and satisfied.


Good thing too because just as predicted dinner was delayed. I braved lovely Orlando traffic after work so that I could bring this lovely creature back in to my life.


Maddie! I missed you!!

Maddie has been playing house at my parent’s house since I dropped her off before the marathon on Saturday. I was suppose to get her on Sunday, but was too lazy to drive the distance after running 26.2 miles.

Luckily my Mom had a meeting in Orlando this evening and dropped her off at my Sister’s apartment so that I could pick her up after work. It feels good to have Maddie’s company again. I was getting lonely!

Thanks to my staying power snack, when I finally made it back to apartment I had no problem taking my time and making a delicious dinner.


Pecan Rice Pilaf (Boxed)


Roasted brussels sprouts and onions drizzled in a balsamic vinegar


Pumpkin Spiced Chickpeas made famous by MamaPea herself!


Not for Maddie


For dessert I had two Mallory Ohs VeggieGirl had sent me.


Soo good, but so rich! I should have stopped at one because now I have a tiny stomach ache. Totally worth it though! 😉

Currently I am catching up on my DVR and am simultaneously watching last night’s Biggest Loser while blogging. Bob and Jillian just brought out all the food that one of the contestants used to eat in a single day. Oddly enough it wasn’t the table full of greasy full fat food that caught my attention – that was a given – it was when the contestant said that he would not eat anything all day, come home starving, and eat the kitchen that made me cringe.

I have heard the same ‘I don’t eat during the day’ time and time again and it bugs me every time. When are people going to learn that starving yourself all day and bingeing at night isn’t the answer to a healthy well being? To stay healthy and happy we need to fuel ourselves with nutritious food through out the day, not just grab everything in sight at night.

I think more and more we find ourselves making less and less time for proper meals during the day, the more were are going to witness the obesity epidemic starting to climb. I make food the top of my priority list, because I know eating healthy through out the day is what keeps me sane. If it was move to the bottom of the list I’m not sure I could survive.

Is food a priority to you? Or does it get pushed behind?

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