Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

by Meghann on December 30, 2009

Good bye sunny skies…. hello snow!



We woke up this morning to a fresh coat of snow on the ground and more on its way!


We have been desperately crossing our fingers for new snow all week and were happy to see our wishes come true.


The snow flurries had to be the highlight of my morning.. Another? Pancakes!


No one in my family are great pancake flippers, so Derek stepped forward with his mad flipping skills.


IMG_4714.JPG IMG_4717.JPG



I had three pancakes topped with warm cinnamon apples and vanilla yogurt.


Derek’s pancakes were a little more traditional than mine with just a little bit of syrup.

IMG_4732.JPG IMG_4734.JPG


To each their own. 😉

So I may have told a little fib yesterday when I said that Keystone if my favorite mountain, obviously I meant to say Vail was my favorite.


We took advantage of the new snow by loading the car up and heading over to vail for the day.


If you saw me on the mountain would you know it was me?


#1 goal when dressing for skiing in the snow: have as little exposed skin as possible.

It was 16 degree fahrenheit (-9 celsius) on the slopes today. Brrrrr…. I saw people skiing in just a hat and googles with their face fully exposed and I shivered just thinking about how cold they must be! I guess they’re used to it?

I, on the other hand, had 4 layers on my upper body, glove liners, hand warmers, toe warmers, a neck gater that covered my entire head, a hat and goggles. AND I was still cold!

Please forgive me for my lack of photos from the day, my hands were just too cold to get my camera out and snap too many.


The morning was a bit rough due to some ridiculously long lift lines. Once we got down the first bowl we noticed the only chairlift out of the bowl had not moved since we started at the top. This led to a pile up of skiers needing to get back up. Thankful it started once we made our way to the bottom, but the line was already unruly by then.

We waited roughly 30 minutes in all of the conjestion. The best part about waiting in line was people watching. There were snowboarders next to us chowing down on some trail mix, several people eating granola bars, and even a person eating a sandwich while we waited.

My sister and I ended up splitting a peanut butter granola bar in the line and Josh shared some gatorade with us.

We eventually made our way out of the mess and met my Mom and Derek for lunch at Two Elks lodge.


If anyone has ever been skiing in the area before then they know how difficult it is to find a table at lunch time on the mountain. My Mom had surveyed the area for 30 minutes before finally nailing a table for us.



Kelly and I couldn’t decide between pizza and chili for lunch so we ended up splitting the two between us.


The roasted veggie pizza was cheesy and greasy, but seriously lacking in the veggies. Regardless it was very tasty.


The highlight of the meal had to be the vegetarian chili


I was impressed with how many veggies I found in my chili. It was very filling and very delicious.




For dessert I had a bite of a Two Elks Bar (tasted like a hello dolly) and a bite of peanut butter cookie.

IMG_6192.JPG IMG_6193.JPG

Bundling up and heading back outside



The afternoon was much better than the morning. We found a fairly empty chair and just kept taking different trails off of that chair. We enjoyed the fresh powder and open mountain.

Coming in from the day I did take a little spill on an icy catwalk. A guy was following pretty closely behind me and as soon as I went down he came sliding in on top of me.

The only thought that went through my head was ‘please don’t mess up my marathon legs.’ Luckily I was able to hop right up. Though, I believe I will have a pretty bruise on my left thigh in the the morning. Le sigh.

We stayed until the lifts closed, taking full advantage of all the great conditions. When we did make it to the car I chowed down on an odwalla bar.


When we made it home we discovered our new hot tub beer delivery window.


Convenient, right?


My Dad took advantage of the outdoor grill again this evening and grilled up bratwursts for dinner.


Steamed broccoli


Roasted potatoes


All together


I had the other half of my pretzel rod and a piece of my little brother’s m&m carmel apple for dessert


Hopefully all the snow we got today will lead to some great runs in Breckenridge tomorrow.

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!!!

Good night!

Promax Giveaway Winner….

I like PB and chocolate!!

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