Saturday, December 19, 2009

Conquering 20 Miles

by Meghann on December 19, 2009

20 Miles?!?! Done and done!


I did it! I did it!

It may have been windy, I may have been running with a bloody knee, and the shot blocks I chewed may have been unbearably stale (who knew shot bloks went stale), BUT I DID IT!

Walt Disney Marathon – Here I come!!


I am always in awe of Maddie’s ability to know exactly when I should wake up. She started licking my face around 5:00 am and I immediately started freaking out thinking my alarm had never went off.

Turns out I had set my alarm for 5:04 am and I forgot to warn Maddie about those extra 4 minutes of sleep I had promised myself. 😉

For my 20 mile pre-run fuel I turned to the reliable combination of half a bagel, almond butter, and butterscotch chips.


With one of the Pumpkin Coconut Chocolate Chips Bars I made last night on the side.

The bar was ok. The flavor was right, but it tasted kind of spongy. 🙁

I met my sister had her apartment and we took off on the 20 mile loop we had planned around her area. We prefer big loops as opposed to out and backs or constantly having to loop by the starting point. Its too tempting to stop that way.

Exactly 1.4 miles in to the run I managed to trip on a piece of metal and came down hard on my knees and hands. My knee looked back and I’ll admit there were some tears. However, it was just a surface scratch and I knew I could continue on.

My knee didn’t bother me on the actual run, but when ever we stopped I could feel the pain. I ignored and it wasn’t until mile 6 or 7 that I even thought to look at it.


Yes, I ran 18.6 miles with my knee looking like that. I’m not sure if that makes me bad ass or an idiot. 🙂

Thankfully, the rest of the run wasn’t as exciting. The worst part was actually the strong, cold wind we were running into. I would have killed for a pair of gloves!

We made our way to the UCF campus around the 10 mile mark and were a little confused why so many cars were on campus at 7:30am on a Saturday when school wasn’t in session. Turns out graduation was going on. Kelly and I as sweaty and smelly runners had to run through multiple groups of grads and their parents who were all dressed nicely and actually smelled good. We got a few stares. 😉

We stopped at the UCF union for a little potty and fuel break. I chewed on some Clif shot bloks that had been in my water pack for who knows how long. So, for anyone who was curious Yes, shot blos do go stale!

From mile 12 on we were officialy on our way back to the apartment. I kept marking milestone numbers of 13.1, 15, and 18 miles as we trodded through. We could do this! 20 miles was in our reach!

My favorite quote came towards the end of the run when in the last half mile Kelly very loudly proclaimed ” We are going to kick this half mile’s ass! F-you half mile – you’re going down!”

I started cracking up and it more than encouraged me to sprint to the end!

WE DID IT!! We ran 20 miles!!! Yippeee!!!

Kelly had precut orange slices waiting for us in the fridge upon our return. Isn’t she sweet?


Kelly had been nursing an injury, but was confident in her ability to complete all 20 miles. She was very determined to not let anything hold her back from running the marathon in a couple of weeks. I’m happy to report all her rest was worth the effort. She complete the 20 miles with ease. 🙂

Go Kelly!


Kelly was also sweet enough to play nurse to my bloody knew, which was now throbbing. Oops..



All better!!


Anthony awoke from his slumber to make us breakfast. (Or you know we begged and pleaded, but really what’s the difference)


Check out the N sunburnt into his chest from the DolphiNs game he went to this weekend.




Anthony made us pancakes refrencing a recipe from this nifty pancake book.



I loaded up my plate with pancakes and apple cinnamon apples.


Perfect post – long run food. 🙂

I had to race from my sister’s back home to let Maddie out and shower before meeting the girls at Tea Infusion for lunch.


Me, Ashley, Caitlin, Lindsey, & Ryan

Lindsey is in town for the weekend and it was nice getting a chance to catch up. 🙂


Even though I just had pancakes 2 hours earlier, I was more than ready for a tasty lunch. 🙂

I decided on the lunch combo


1/2 Milton Salad



1/2 Concord Sandwich



with an iced moroccan tea


I would love nothing more to sit back, relax, and perhaps take a nap, but I need to hit the road again! I’m on my way to Tampa for a holiday party with Derek.

Have a great Saturday!

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