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Rookie Mistake

by Meghann on December 15, 2009

Hey Guys!

I made a rookie blogging mistake today by not double checking that all my photos had uploaded before deleting them from my memory card. Oooppsss….

You win some; you lose some, right?

Luckily my eats weren’t too exciting – just a serving of Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter Pretzels, left over Pumpkin & Black Bean Soup, and a piece of Pumpkin Cornbread.

All was very yummy and filling. 🙂

On a different note, we had another lunch and learn for a batch of co-workers this afternoon. To make everything easy my supervisor put in the exact same pizza order as yesterday.

After the meeting I was happy to see that once again the veggie pizza was demolished while the two pepperoni pizzas had barely been touched. 

This led to an interesting discussion between a few co-workers and I on how its pretty typical for the cheese and veggie pizzas to go first in a large gathering. My one co-worker – who is a vegetarian – made the comment that she finds it hard to eat at pizza events because all that is usually left is pepperoni and the cheese and veggie are long gone. I always felt the same way simply because I was never a fan of pepperoni (gross) and cheese is soooo boring.

My supervisor agreed next time we would order two veggie pizzas and one pepperoni instead of the reverse effect we had this time around.

I also discussed yesterday’s comments with my supervisor and she got a good chuckle out of it. She informed me she would have ordered the veggie anyways and the light cheese wasn’t a big deal. After working together for over a year she knows how picky of an eater I am and honestly doesn’t even notice my oddness anymore. 🙂

Do you notice the cheese and veggie pizzas are the first to go when you’re in a large setting?

1 Jess (Fit Chick in the City) December 15, 2009 at 3:30 pm

I’ve never noticed that. I always have a hard time convincing people to actually order the veggie one sans meat!

2 savoringsarah December 15, 2009 at 3:32 pm

For most of my life I refused to eat pizza PERIOD because of my absolute distaste for pepperoni. Now that I HAVE incorporated pizza into my diet, I am definitely one of those people who bee-lines to the veggie slices!

3 Chelsea December 15, 2009 at 3:33 pm

Yep, cheese and veggie are the first to go here. Since we’re in weirdo California we get lots and lots of different kinds of veggies, so it’s fun! I always love seeing what they come up with next at company lunches. I think my favorite was an eggplant and olive with feta-YOM.

4 Brie (The Fit Bride) December 15, 2009 at 3:33 pm

I’ve honestly never paid attention. Maybe I should!

5 Runeatrepeat December 15, 2009 at 3:34 pm

The sky is falling!!! Because you didn’t eat pizza again today!!!
Just kidding 😉
I thought yesterday’s “discussion” was funny…

6 Starry December 15, 2009 at 3:38 pm

I’ve noticed it (probably because I am vegetarian). It makes me happy when people choose the veggie option, as long as there is a piece left for me :-p

7 Kellie December 15, 2009 at 3:43 pm

I am craving pizza now. I just read the posts from yesterday. You must have some tough skin Meghann. I think that you are very balanced in your eating. You enjoy your “treats” and you eat healthy food. I just need to learn to enjoy treats without stuffing myself with them. It is always all or nothing with me.

8 megan December 15, 2009 at 3:44 pm

i love plain cheese pizza. it’s my favorite. the veggie ones always seem to be left around here. i’ll eat it, but I pick off some of the toppings (like olives – gross)

9 Kara December 15, 2009 at 3:48 pm

I have noticed the same thing in most gatherings. It’s nice when people try to incorporate everyone’s food preferences 😀

10 LB December 15, 2009 at 3:58 pm

There are a lot of recovery utilities to be found on the internet. As long you haven’t taken new photos yet, they’re still there and can be saved. I did the same thing and was able to recover them all. Try googling “memory card recovery utility”.

11 Evan Thomas December 15, 2009 at 4:00 pm

I’m a meat eater, and I think I’ve had maybe 1 slice of pepperoni pizza in my life. Pepperoni weirds me out; it doesn’t seem like real meat. And I love veggie pizza because I feel like I need to eat veggies at every meal so unless I’m having a side salad why not throw it on top?

12 Chloe December 15, 2009 at 4:01 pm

Definitely! We usually get a lot of pizza, but it seems like the gourmet/veggie ones are always gone the fastest. I should tell the person who orders them to get extra veggie next time and see what happens.

13 Jody December 15, 2009 at 4:04 pm

Yep! Last year at a work event we ordered lots of cheese, pepperoni, and sausage and just a few veggie. The veggie was gone SO fast and the only thing leftover was pepperoni (yuck). I’m a meat eater, but I prefer cheese or veggie pizza myself.

14 Meghann December 15, 2009 at 4:06 pm

Sam here. I’m a meat eat, but hate peperoni. When I was a kid I used to throw big fits because all anyone ever ordered was peperoni.

15 jaclyn December 15, 2009 at 4:05 pm

while i love veggie pizza too i think there also may be some social pressure to appear ‘healthier’ in choosing this option in social settings like that one..?

16 Meghann December 15, 2009 at 4:07 pm

Another valid point that my co-worker and I discussed.

17 Amanda December 15, 2009 at 4:19 pm

HHA my coworkers are pretty much the opposite. I work in Philly so we often order the Cheesesteak pizza – honestly I tried a bite once to see what the big deal was and it was GROSS and tasteless (although I love actual cheesesteaks). But I do agree that anything with toppings – be it veggie, cheesesteak, etc .. goes faster than just cheese.

18 Mama Pea December 15, 2009 at 4:34 pm

I’m laughing at your picture situation because the same thing happened to me yesterday. I had some glorious food pics and then they were just GONE.

19 Stephanie December 15, 2009 at 4:48 pm

I agree with some of the above commenters– anything with toppings goes faster. I think most “grown-ups” (if you can call us that?!) prefer at least something on pizza besides cheese and sauce.

However, I am from Ohio, and usually meat toppings are gone first 🙂

20 Susan December 15, 2009 at 5:02 pm

I think it’s usually the the more interesting pies that tend to go first. Let’s face it – a loaded veggie pizza looks a lot more delish than boring pepperoni! Although I really have no clue, since pizza isn’t my first food love haha.

21 Sarah December 15, 2009 at 5:23 pm

i always think of that scene in home alone when kevin freaks out because everyone ate all the cheese hahahaha and i always get nervous the cheese will be gone before i get to it!

22 Jerilynne December 15, 2009 at 5:25 pm

I love plain cheese pizza!! Almost as much as I love plain vanilla ice cream =).

That being said, I never really thought about it before now, but where I work the veggie pizza is always the first to go too!! And pepperoni/buffalo chicken is always left…. I wonder why we don’t just order more veggie!

23 RhodeyGirlTests December 15, 2009 at 5:50 pm

I love vegetables but my favorite pizzas are plain… sauce, a touch of cheese, and fresh basil. If I add veggies I add very little because I hate when the crust gets soggy, and often a soggy crust is caused by heavy toppings.

24 Hallie December 15, 2009 at 5:58 pm

I wish I thought pepperoni was gross…I love it…sigh…

Anyway, for me it depends on the crowd. At work, where there are quite a few vegetarians and health-conscious people, the veggie def goes first. At my boyfriend’s football Sundays…well they never have veggie pizza but that would more certainly be the last to go.

25 runningaroundnormal December 15, 2009 at 6:02 pm

Mmm veggie pizza is my favorite! That’s a great idea to order it with light cheese 🙂
Honestly I’ve never really paid attention to which types of pizzas have been leftover…. Probably because I never waited around – when they say it’s OK to line up and grab your pizza, I’m typically one of the first ones in line LOL.

26 rungirlrunn December 15, 2009 at 6:11 pm

Yay for veggie pizzas being popular!! The cheese definitely always goes first, then I’d say whatever has the most toppings.

27 Jenna December 15, 2009 at 7:12 pm

omg! i always put in a request for veggie and everyone else is like yeah i will have cheese…but once the veggie pizza comes everyone is taking a piece!

28 Karla December 15, 2009 at 11:35 pm

Always! I hate it when that happens!

29 cookinfanatic December 15, 2009 at 11:58 pm

definitely not at my work haha, you must not work with a lot of men! glad that you’re coworkers are more open minded to the veggie option and understand how a simple slice of pizza can have some nutritious value by taking this route – good for them 🙂 !!! now if only the folks at my work thought the same way…… !

30 Frannie December 16, 2009 at 12:11 am

regarding the pizza:

When my graduate dept has pizza parties, we can only have 1-topping pizzas (we’re poor) and they are demolished in the following order:

Canadian Bacon

The pepperoni is NEVER entirely gone.

31 Sarah (from See Sarah Eat) December 16, 2009 at 8:30 am

When I was a kid, I would eat nothing but cheese or extra cheese, ha ha. These days I do notice that the veggie goes first, then the cheese, even amongst meat eaters. Unless it’s my husband because he’s not big on veggies or “plain” stuff but he is the exception 😉

32 ellie December 16, 2009 at 11:45 am

I think veggie pizza is so popular because 1) it’s so colorful, and 2) people see it as a healthier option which is more appealing if they feel people are watching.

I found yesterday’s discussion kind of odd because whenever I hear the word “mellow”, I think of you going to Mellow Mushroom! 😀

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