Monday, December 7, 2009

Workin' It in St. Louis

by Meghann on December 7, 2009

Its coooold in St. Louis!


I am all bundled up in every piece of winter clothing I own and I am still freezing. I am such a Florida girl. 🙂

It felt great to get a really good night of sleep last night. By the time I finally made it back to my room I was a little more than exhausted. I passed out as soon as I hit the pillow.

Unfortunately, the great night of sleep didn’t lead to a great start to the day. I woke up to an overflowing toilet and a flooded bathroom!


They fixed the toilet immediately, but didn’t get to the flood until after I was out to door for the day. I wish I could have got a better picture of the flood. It wasn’t pretty.

I spent the hour or so I had to myself in the morning, exploring what little I could of the surrounding area. Downtowns kind of scare me, so I didn’t wander far. I was in search for a great breakfast place and found a cute little market that prepared wraps, sandwiches, ad other various items.


My 18 miles from yesterday had caught up with me and I was hangry.


I ordered a gigantic burrito filled with eggs, veggies and beans.




I also had a Vanilla Yogurt.


I probably could have done with out the yogurt as the burrito was so filling, but I really wanted some yogurt with my meal. I only ate about 3/4 of the yogurt and burrito before tossing the rest.

The rest of my morning was spent in the Tradeshow booth pushing a a new product I quickly learned alot about.


This was my first tradeshow experience for my job. I am not a sales person by nature, so it was defintiely a learning curve to get people into the booth. Once I got a system down it was a cinch. 🙂

It helped that I had great people working with me. 😉


All the booth rangling was hard work. I spent 8+ hours on my feet and built up quite an appetite!

Around 10:00 I had an apple that I saved from breakfast.


And for lunch a co-worker and I picked up some eats from the deli next to the convention center.


I loaded up at the salad bar and took it to go.



The afternoon started to pick just as I was beginning to drag. An Awake Tea Misto quickly came to the rescue.


Once the show was over I was tired, hungry & cranky. I can’t begin to tell you how much work goes into working a booth!

We didn’t even waste time changing or relaxing, the four of us headed straight to dinner at a local recommended restaraunt called Charlie Giattos.

For the second night in a row a nice bottle of red wine made an appearance and was shared among the table.


I had a cup of French Onion Soup with out the bread and cheese on top, but I did have a piece of bread on the side for dipping.


For the main course the Seafood Risotto.


This was very tasty. I enjoyed the big hunks of seafood. Yum!

It’s 8:30 St. louis time and I am ready to crawl into bed and call it a night. Tomorrow is another full day of work, beginning with an early run in the hotel gym. I can’t wait.

Good Night!

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