Friday, December 4, 2009

Cold & Rainy

by Meghann on December 4, 2009

Boy I am glad I got my run in early this morning. Right now its freezing (for Florida’s standards) and raining cats & dogs out side. Brrrr…. it actually took everything in me to leave the direct heat in my car a few moments ago.

I’m such a wimp. How am I going to survive St. Louis next week? The forecast is looking cold and rainy the whole time I will be there too. Not cool Mother Nature, not cool at all.

My 9:00am meeting ended up lasting until the lunch hour. In fact I didn’t even realize I was hungry until we were reviewing menus for a reception and my mouth started watering over the options available. I know I need food when I start lusting after pasta. lol

I practically ran home and threw together a quick and tasty meal.


Leftover pimped out Kashi Pizza.


Brussel Sprouts & Hummus


Yes, those brussel sprouts are raw and yes, I enjoy eating them that way. 🙂 They have a nice crunch and honestly one of the main reasons I eat vegetables raw is I have no time or are too lazy to cook them.

I grabbed a piece of chocolate on my way out the door.


The Cafe flavor of the Merci chocolates was awesome. One of my faves! Not one of my faves? The Marzipan – yuck!

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Swapping Rest Days

December 4, 2009

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