Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday Time Crunch

by Meghann on October 29, 2009

Thursday evenings I have a very limited time frame to prepare and consume dinner. I have exactly one hour from the time I get home until Maddie’s puppy training class to check the mail, relax, feed Maddie and feed myself.

Tonight’s meal was simple, fast, and delicious. Exactly what I need to fit in to my Thursday night routine.


My Mock Eggplant Parmesan was particularly quick easy taking only 10 minutes to prep and cook.


I sliced an eggplant length wise and popped the slices in the oven at 420 for 5 minutes. Once the slices were tender I topped one with marinara sauce, 1/2 chicken sausage, and spinach then topped with the other half and more marinara sauce. Finally the mock lasagna went back into the oven for another 5 minutes.


I prefer my eggplant a little tougher, so if you do not prefer the bitter taste I would suggest keeping the lasagna in the oven for another 5 minutes or so. Next time I would also add a cheese layer in there. 🙂

I stole one of my supervisor’s curly fries after lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon craving more fries!

These babies aren’t curly fries, but they were still able to take the edge off. 😉


Simply cut an idaho potato in wedges, dous in seasonings, and bake at 420 for 20 mins.



All this good food and I still made it to puppy class on time.

After puppy class I took a cue from HungryGirl and made a VitaTop Ice Cream Sandwich.


Such a great idea, I can’t believe I haven’t tried this before!

All I did was cut a vita top in half and fill with ice cream.


Soo good! I already want another one!

This afternoon I had a Mocha-Walla Bar to snack on.


I really enjoy the mix of chocolate decadence and rich mocha aroma evident in this bar. Its like a big healthified cookie. 🙂


I switched back to Ecto tonight… Can you tell the difference? As many problems as Ecto has atleast the photos still look decent.

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