Sunday, October 18, 2009

Love Happens

by Meghann on October 18, 2009

Apparently ‘Love’ doesn’t actually ‘Happen.’ This movie reeked.

It was slow, unimaginative, and just not very good. I suggest you save your time and money and avoid this movie at both the theater and rental store. My Mom and I both agreed we should have seen Couples Retreat instead.

Oh well.

Before our early matinee my Mom and I were on a mission to find a decent place to have lunch on a Sunday afternoon in our small town. Apparently, going out for lunch on a Sunday isn’t very common around here.

We finally settled on the pizza place right next door to the movie theatre.


I spent way too many Friday nights at Valentino’s in both middle school and early high school.

My parents would drop my friends and I off an hour before our 7:00 movie, so that we could eat at Valentinos. Going to the movies and eating in an actual restaurant all by ourselves was a very big deal back then. We would all order a slice of cheese pizza at $1.10 a slice and then split a canolli before paying the $5.00 child rate to see the PG-13 movie of our choice. Oh yeah, we were cool.

Not much has changed about Valentinos since then. Well, except now the cheese slice is $1.75 instead of $1.10.


The price has gone up only 65 cents in 10 years? Not bad if you ask me. Much better then the $10 I paid for the movie over the $5 I paid back in the day.

I kept to tradition and ordered a slice before our movie today. Only instead of plain cheese I asked for Olives, Mushrooms and Onions.


I did forget that Valentinos pizza really isn’t that great, which probably explains why in so many years I have never had any desire to go back. The pizza was really greasy and the toppings seemed like they were added right before the slice was served to me and not in any part of the baking process. I’ve been spoiled by good pizza and this wasn’t it.

With my pizza I ordered the small Greek Salad.


I asked for the dressing on the side, but it didn’t make that much of a difference as all the vegetables on the salad tasted as if they had been marinating in a vinegar and oil base anyways. The salad was pretty tasty. I ate about 3/4 of the salad and left half the feta.

All during the movie i kept thinking about all the pumpkin goodies waiting for us back home. I was kicking myself for not bringing any to nibble on during the movie!

As soon as we made it back I dug into a Pumpkin Surprise Cookie.


I also had a quarter of a Pumpkin Mini Cake that just looked so pitiful on the plate by itself.

Its amazing how quickly our goodies have disappeared. When I left my parents there was only about a dozen cookies, 2 mini cakes and less then half the apple pie left! I guess good eats go fast.

My Mom sent the rest of the pumpkin puree home with me to do with as I pleased. I knew the pumpkin would make great soup, so I found this Pumpkin and Black Bean Soup recipe by Rachael Ray that seemed very easy and tasty to make.


I made some slight changes by dropping the broth and replacing the heavy cream with plain chobani.


I added the last of a block of tempeh to my serving and sprinkled some roasted pumpkin seeds on top.


On the side I had some oven roasted asparagus.



To quench my thirst I sipped on a Harvest Moon while cooking and eating.


Something about Sunday evenings and beer that just seems like a perfect match.

Dessert was a slice of apple pie that just barely survived the drive from my parent’s to my apartment.



This was a very ‘sweet’ weekend, its a shame it must now come to an end. Another work week starts tomorrow. Luckily, it’s only a 4 day work week for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I hope everyone else had a great weekend and an even better week!

Good Night!

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