Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dinner with Old Friends

by Meghann on October 4, 2009

Tonight I met up with two of my childhood friends, Christie and Shannan, for dinner at Urban Flats.


I’ve known Shannan and Christie since I was in elementary school! We were actually reminiscing tonight on how we used to eat lunch together in the cafeteria.


These girls are two of my oldest friends and even though we all live in Orlando, I’m sad to say we never have the chance to hang out anymore. It was nice to play catch up with our lives. 🙂

Christie recently celebrated her 25th birthday and as a recipient of the Urban Flats’ mailing list she was entitled to one free drink the week of her birthday. She chose a tropical creation that looked very tasty.


Happy Birthday Christie!

Unfortunately, I had to pay for my drink. I went with the cheapest red on the menu. I can’t remember the name of the wine at the moment, but it wasn’t bad.


The Urban Flats menu was very impressive. I had a hard time deciding what I wanted.


I wavered between a few choices before deciding on the Artichoke, Wild Mushroom, and Goat Cheese Flatwich.


I was expecting a folded over flat bread pizza and was pleasantly surprised when a calzone was placed in front of me.


The calzone was stuffed to the max with whole artichokes, roasted red peppers and goat cheese. Though the menu claimed mushrooms as a filling, I never did see one.


The salad was great as well. Mixed greens with more goat cheese, raisins and nuts. Yum!


I swear, I have been a bottomless pit today. I ate the whole thing and didn’t even feel full.

I tried to talk my friends into ice cream, but sadly there were no takers. We said our good byes with promises to not go too long before hanging out again.


I may not have been able to talk my friends into ice cream, but that didn’t stop myself from having any on my own.

Look what I finally found on my way home…


Pumpkin Ice Cream!!!!

I had a small serving as soon as I got home with some Chocolate Teddy Bear Grahams.



The ice cream had the perfect pumpkin flavoring and spiciness. You may be seeing this dessert a lot over the next few weeks. 😉

It’s been a pumpkin crazy day today and I have no complaints.

Enjoy the last bit of your weekend, Monday is just hours away now. 🙁

GOod Night!

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