Friday, September 25, 2009

The Night Before the Big Race

by Meghann on September 25, 2009

Tomorrow will be the third Saturday in a row I will have laced up my running shoes, pinned a number to my chest and ran a *hopefully* glorious race.

Three Saturdays in a row? Isn’t running season grand?

It’s also the third Friday in a row I’ve had to pump and prepare myself for a big early morning race the next day. Luckily, by now I think I have all my pre-race rituals down.

Here is the official system I have in place.

Step 1: Have an extra filling and protein packed snack.


Strawberry Chobani & Good Run Granola = snack perfection.


Step 2: Enjoy a great pre-race meal with friends.


I don’t care for pasta, but I do love me some good ole fashion carbs before race day.


Megan and I made this simple Chicken and Sweet Potato Dumpling recipe I found on the Whole Foods web-site. Whole Foods actually has a great recipe database that I highly suggest you check out. All the recipes are be healthy, tasty and often times offer fun spins on traditional meals.


Can you believe Megan had never had Chicken & Dumplings before tonight? She also had never had Cauliflower, Okra and Kale which I stuffed the bottom full of. 🙂


Of course I had to go back for seconds.


And don’t forget the liquid carbs as well. 😉


Step 3: Live a little and indulge in something sweet.

Megan and I were on top secret baking duties tonight.


Shhhhhh….. it’s a secret. 😉


Step 4: Make sure the puppy is all worn out so she will be too tired to care about being left in a crate on a Saturday morning.

Step 5: Lay your race gear out, so you won’t go crazy tracking it all down in the morning.


Step 6: Don’t stay up late watching last night’s Grey’s Anatomy season premiere.

Oh well….. soo worth it. 😉

Step 7: Get a good night’s sleep and dream sweet dreams of crossing the finish line.

Good Night!

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