Thursday, September 24, 2009

Locked Out

by Meghann on September 24, 2009

Being locked out is no fun. ๐Ÿ™


My lock has been acting up the past couple days and slowing making itself more and more difficult to turn. It took me over 5 minutes to lock my apartment when I left this evening for Maddie’s puppy training class and when I returned an hour later my neighbor found me in tears cursing at my door as I tried desperately to turn the damn lock.

Luckily my neighbor was able to call the maintenance man who fixed my lock with a little cooking spray. It’s still not perfect, but at least now I’m inside and not outside still breaking my thumb on my key.

Before the ‘key incident’ I was actually having a great evening. I cooked a good dinner, Maddie had a good class and I was able to get a few to dos checked off my list.

Dinner was something I’ve been contemplating all week and it did not disappoint.


It started with my idea for Eggplant Fries.


I saw these on a blog a while ago and I knew I had to try my own version of them.

I dipped pieces of eggplant in an eggwhite wash and then coated with whole wheat bread crumbs. I baked the fries at 415 for 10 minutes. I like my eggplant with a little bite, so the 10 minutes was perfect.


I dipped my fries in some marinara sauce to gie them almost a eggplant parmesan feel. Yum!

For some protein I grilled an Apple Chicken Sausage on the George Foreman and served it on a bed of steamed Kale with Honey Mustard.


This was a complete delicious healthy meal.


After the key incident I headed straight to the kitchen for some cinnamon comfort.


This piece of Sin Dawg all warm and gooey made me feel instantly better.

Thank god tomorrow is Friday. Let’s just cross our fingers my lock will continue to work in the morning!

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