Friday, September 18, 2009

I Have a Shot!

by Meghann on September 18, 2009

Not sure if you can recall or not, but on Monday I randomly signed up for a 5k in my parent’s neighbor for tomorrow morning. Since this wasn’t part of my pre-planned race schedule it seems to keep slipping my mind. Am I really racing again tomorrow after such a killer race last weekend? Ab-So-Lutely!

It’s a very small, local race that literally runs right by my parent’s house. I know the route like the back of my hand as I have probably ran it over a hundred times! I think that notion really sets me at ease for tomorrow. I have no butterflies at all, this is going to be fun!

In fact, what really encouraged me to sign up for this race was when I peaked at the results from last year.

Take a look at the overall female and my age group results:

Get Up and Go 5K

Place Name Age Time Bib


8 Sue Strout 54 22:41 283

12 Patti Spoerle 47 24:12 309

15 Anita Travis 50 25:10 303

FEMALE 20-24

70 Rachel Bowers 23 38:46 298

Ummm… yeah I told you it was a small race! Not to get my hopes up high, but I’m crossing my fingers for a little prize and maybe a boost in my ego? Last December I placed 3rd overall female in a small local race and I’m telling you there is no better high.

Can’t wait to see how it goes. I can totally bomb and I know it will still be fun. Plus, my Mommy is coming to watch me race and that never happens! 🙂

After work I picked Maddie up and fought lovely Orlando Friday afternoon traffic to make it to my parent’s place in enough time to pick up my race packet.


Maddie was already marking her territory on my new race shirt. 🙂

I actually barely made it in the door when my parents told me we were going to Rodeo – a small Mexican place – for dinner.

I ordered the Shrimp Burrito and asked for no cheese and steamed veggies instead of the traditional rice and beans.


My choice really wasn’t that bad for what it was. I think I’ve got ordered Mexican down pat. Which is good because my parents tend to like to eat here every time I’m in town. Ughh..

And does anyone else find it a little odd to find this sign posted in a Mexican restaurant?


It seemed odd to me. I saw the sign in like 4 different place. Can’t be good.

When I got home I had some Publix Peanut Butter Cup FroYo with chocolate sauce on top.


Yum! It was actually the chocolate sauce that hardens to a shell. I haven’t had it on my ice cream in years. It was a nice treat 🙂

Both my brothers were home, so we spent the rest of the evening playing cards.


I won one game of Uno then bombed at poker. Oh well.

I’m beat. Time to hit the hay. WIsh me luck tomorrow!!!

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