Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Trampoline Cardio

by Meghann on September 16, 2009

Check this out.


Trampolines as fast as the eyes can see. On the wall, in the center, on the floor. It’s every little kid’s dream come true! Seriously, where was this place when I was a kid?!?!


At brunch on Sunday Sarah had mentioned there was a trampoline gym that offered cardio trampoline classes during the week. You can’t mention a new form of cardio to a group of fitness freaks and not have them all get a little excited. After a quick chain of e-mails we had 5 girls ready and willing to jump it up at Rebounderz tonight.


From Left to Right: Rosie, Mary Beth, Sarah, Kelly, Me, & Katy

Rebounderz reminded me of the skating rink I used to go to as a kid. There was a snack bar complete with candy, junk food and ice cream. There were rooms set up for birthday parties. And its rumored that every Friday night all of the local teens and pre-teens take over the place. I wonder if they do a slow song where everyone jumps around holding hands?

When I arrived I was excited to hear everyone’s first class is free. Every other cardio class after that is $!0 or you could purchase an unlimited monthly pass for $30. A girl I met in the class said she attends the class every evening!



Check out the special trampoline shoes you have to wear. Who knew there were trampoline shoes?


I was also curious about the boards you can rent. I would have loved to see one of these in use!


You could tell it was all of our first class, while all of the veterans were standing around talking on the trampolines, us newbies couldn’t help but jump around.




The class itself was an awesome work out. My heart rate was pumpin and the music was rockin. The class incorporated a lot of jumping, running, crunches and even some strength training thanks to these medicine ball and ropes.



The trampoline cardio was a great change of pace from my normal running routine. I would love to come back once a month to shake things up a bit. It also helps to goof around with a great group of girls during the class.


Up on the agenda for next week is the rock gym. I can’t wait!

I knew dinner was going to be on the later side so before I left work I had this awesome bar to fuel me through.


Check out the simple ingredient list.


Loved it! Tasted great and kept me full. Just what I wanted. 🙂


After my great work out, it’s safe to say my stomach was beginning to grumble. It was almost 8:30 and I was HUNGY for dinner. Luckily, everything was waiting patiently for me in the fridge. Not even 5 minutes after I walked in the door, I was chowing down on my delicious pre- prepared meal.


Last night while my Cranberry and Feta stuffed chicken was cooking I went ahead and took the second chicken breast in the package and made mini chicken nuggets. I dipped my nuggets in an egg white mix and then coated them with almond meal. They baked in the oven at 375 for 15 minutes and after a 30 sec reheat in the microwave, they were perfect.


To go with the nuggets I mean a Honey BBQ sauce by combining BBQ sauce and Honey Mustard.

I also had a pre-made salad of Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumber, Mushrooms, Basil, EVOO, and Balsalmic Vinegar ready to go.


To finish the plate of a few Pita Chips.


For dessert I had one of the few Montana Whoppers I saved for myself. I’m happy to say the rest are safely out of my apartment.

Alright, I’m beat. Who knew jumping on a trampoline would be such a work out? I’m interested to see how my legs feel tomorrow!

Good Night!!

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