Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bring It

by Meghann on September 9, 2009

Game. On.


Whose ready for the 5k this weekend? I am! 😉

After work I went straight to one of my favorite parks. The plan was to take advantage of the public track for a little speed training.

I started with a mile run around the park, then headed to the track. I did four laps where I sprinted 1 lap and then race pace the next lap. Finally I did four more laps where I sprinted the straights and ran race pace around the curves.

I did the whole work out with out taking breaks and kept my Garmin on the entire time. On my last lap I was very surprised to look down and see I was on mile three and at 24 minutes. Somehow while speed training I beat my 5k PR by 23 seconds. Woo hoo!

Here were the stats:

  • Mile 1: 8:53
  • Mile 2: 7:18
  • Mile 3: 7:28
  • Finish: 24:40
  • Avg Pace: 7:51

I also walked a cool down mile, but I did not want to touch my Garmin until after I got a photo of my 3.1 stats. 🙂

Today’s run really pumped me up for my 5k this weekend! As long as I can keep my first mile under control I know I can blow my PR in the water. I’ve just got to remember to bring it.

Better watch out Caitlin, Megan and Kelly. 😉

Before my run I had an Oatmeal on the Run Bar.


This bar did great of keeping me fueled through my run. It also held me over so I had time to run errands after my run and make a sensible dinner when I finally made it home after 7:00.


Tonight I decided to go with breakfast for dinner.


Inspired by Megan’s post this morning on the start of the ‘Pumpkin Season’ I decided it was time to pull out this little guy.


Hello pumpkin. I’ve missed you! 🙂

After completely failing at making Megan’s Drop Pumpkin Biscuits last winter, I could not resist having another go.

Unfortunately I did not have as much luck this time around either. These were more like pumpkin spongy cookies then drop biscuits. Oh well.


A ‘biscuit’ still found its way on my plate with a little Cranberry Apple Chutney.


To go along with the breakfast motif I had some ‘sausage’ that my sister highly recommended on her blog.


Hmm… not a fan. I prefer regular sausage. There is just no comparison here.


To round out my plate I had 1 scrambled egg with fresh Basil.


And a whole lot of steamed Brussel Sprouts.


These brussel sprouts were so tasty. They were very fresh and almost had a sweet taste to them.

For dessert I pulled out one of Penny’s Low Fat Desserts from my freezer.


After 15 seconds in the microwave I thought it was missing something.


Much better.


Alright, I am pooped. Time for bed.

Good Night!

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