Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Poor Pups

by Meghann on September 8, 2009

Is there anything more pitiful then a drugged post-op puppy with a cone on her head?


Poor thing has been so disoriented and confused since I brought her home. I put her on the floor and she just stood there. I tried to take her on a walk outside and she wouldn’t budge. I put her on the couch and she just stared at me. Pitiful.


I am happy to report that the vet told me the operation was a success. Everything went as planned and she should be fully recovered in a couple weeks. In the mean time she has to wear the cone collar and is not allowed to play, jump or have any fun at all. Poor thing.


Maddie is also not allowed to have anything to eat until tomorrow, which made it very difficult to eat my delicious dinner right in front of her.


I topped a costco salmon burger with this Cranberry Apple Sauce I stole from my parent’s the other week.


The cranberry sauce reminded me of fall and the approaching change of seasons. It was perfect on my burger.



On the side I had some roasted Name with Ketchup.


For dessert I had a Praline Merci Chocolate.


Maddie is currently staring off into space with a dazed and confused look. I think its time to put my little princess to bed.

Good night!

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September 8, 2009

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