Monday, September 7, 2009

Return from the Keys

by Meghann on September 7, 2009

Wow, was that a drive! Nothing like a little holiday traffic to make an 8 hour drive a couple hours longer. Good thing is I am home now, bad thing is I’ll be back at work tomorrow. Such is life.

Last night I thought I had set my alarm for the reasonable time of 6:45am. When it buzzed this morning I jumped out of bed and immediately took Maddie outside to potty. Once outside I realized it was still really dark without a peep of the sun rising. I also noticed there were still a few drunks walking around Duval Street. That’s when it clicked.

My phone did not realize it was still the weekend and went off at it’s normal Monday morning time of 5:30am. I corrected my alarm and happily crawled back into bed for another hour of sleep.

As the alarm went off again I happily jumped out of bed to a rising sun. Much better.

I geared up and headed out for my first only run of Key West. It has been the only opportunity I’ve had to run and I latched on to the chance. I ran 4 solid miles around the island. I ran up and down Duval street, saw the southernmost point, Mallory Square and even saw a Cruise ship pull into port. It’s so peaceful early in the morning, much different then the hustle and bustle of the night.

Once showered and dressed Derek and I met my brother at Blue Heaven for breakfast.


On my run I checked out a dew breakfast menus, but none of them screamed at my like Blue Heaven. I know we had just ate dinner their the night before, but everyone had great things to say about their breakfast I had to check it out too.

I love how they call it Breakfast with the Roosters.


They weren’t kidding. 🙂


I really wanted pancakes for breakfast, so that’s what I got!


I ordered Strawberry Pancakes with a side of Yogurt and Fruit. I then proceeded to combine them all Meghann Style.


Regular pancakes with syrup is just so boring to me. Pancakes with yogurt and fruit is perfect! These were great. I are the majority of what you see on the plate and had to beg the waitress to take my plate from me. I was stuffed!

We took one last walk to the water before we said good bye to Key West.


Good Bye Key West! I hope we meet again!!!


We then discovered what happens on the last day of a holiday weekend when there is only way out of the Keys and its a 2 lane highway.


Traffic! Ughh….


Maddie and I tried to make the most of it. She discovered the vast wonders of driving with the window open and I discovered how much fun it is to take pictures in the mirror.


After a few hours of traffic we took a break at a hole in the wall pizza place for lunch.


I could not resist the Monday Special.


I had one slice of cheese pizza and a house salad.


The house salad was loaded with tomatoes and olives and was actually really good. I was expecting a bowl of iceberg lettuce and tomato wedges, this bowl of beauty surpassed any of those expectations.


We hit the road for the last half of the trip. At this point Maddie completely gave up trying to keep me entertained and slept the rest of the way in Derek’s arms.


I’ll admit I snoozed myself for most of the drive. Derek was a true trooper and drove the entire way. Have I mentioned about much he rocks yet?

About 100 miles from our destination I snacked on this very refreshing Apple that had been chilling in the cooler.


When we finally made it back to my apartment I decided something quick and easy was in order for dinner. Derek had requested ‘Football watching food’ in honor of the FSU v UM game – Go Noles! – so we went with Nachos.


I started with a bed of Spinach then covered it with Blue Corn Tortilla Chips, Black Beans, Feta Cheese, Jalapenos, Taboule, Salsa, Red Onion, Corn, and a dollop of Plain Oikos.


All I was missing was a beer and I would have been all set. This was the perfect easy meal to sit back in the recliner and watch the Noles kick some Hurricane booty. 😉

Of course the Noles aren’t always perfect and in times like those Derek and I consoled in one of Amanda’s Brownies to ease our pain.


The brownie was the perfect sweet ending to my Labor Day Weekend. Tomorrow it’s back to life as usual, luckily its a short week. 🙂

In other happy news…

Exactly one years ago today I had the distinct pleasure of meeting up with the famous Caitlin from then ‘See Bride Run’ for a Sunday morning run in downtown Orlando. Read the post here.


I had been reading Caitlin’s blog for a month when I randomly commented that I had just moved to the Orlando area and also loved to run. She told me to e-mail her for a meet up and the rest is history. We have been insperable ever since.


Caitlin was actually the one that encouraged me to start this blog! Who knew a year ago today I was meeting my new best friends.

Caitlin and I have ran countless races together.


I was lucky enough to attend her wedding.


We’ve made other running buddies in the process.


And somehow we helped organize an amazing summit with other blogging friends.


Happy Friendship Anniversary Caitlin! Here’s to another year full of lots of laughs, hugs, and good times!


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