Thursday, September 3, 2009

No Noodles Needed

by Meghann on September 3, 2009

It hit me at work this afternoon just how much crap I had to do when I got home from in order to leave at a decent time tomorrow. So I made a list and decided to divide and conquer.

First my afternoon fuel.


It was my last Glo Bar. 🙁 Until we meet again my pretty. *sniff*sniff

And on to the craziness.

My List:

  • Move Blanket to Dryer
  • Finish Packing Clothes
  • Pack Toiletries
  • Make Lunch for Tomorrow & Breakfast on Saturday
  • Pack Snacks
  • Pack dog food & treats
  • Clean Maddie’s Crate
  • Unload Dishwasher
  • Make delicious and nutritious dinner!

The last one was my favorite part. 🙂

The idea for dinner has been in my head all week. It’s not a new one, but it had been way to long.


Looks like a normal lasagana right?

Well… let me break it down.


Zucchini + Yellow Squash


Feta + Parmesean Cheese + Fresh Basil + Ground Flaxseed


Marinara Sauce




Am I missing something? Nope. No noodles for me please.


I did have a bit of problem keeping my no noodle lasagna together as I took it out of the pan, but who said food has to look good to taste good? This lasagna rocked!




With a side of left over Name dipped in ketchup.


This is a perfect pasta dish for a girl like me who could actually care less about the actual pasta noodle. 😉

Can’t forget dessert.


I had a Vitalicious Brownie with some Coconut Milk Ice Cream on top.

Since my to-do list is just about marked off I can spend the rest of the evening chilaxing.

Good Night.

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