Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another Camera

by Meghann on September 1, 2009

Remember when my camera broke in Boston and I had to buy a new one?

Well the one that broke was actually my back up camera. I was using my back up camera because my regular camera was in repair at the Geek Squad at Best Buy. It was actually the 5th time that particular camera had paid a visit to the Geek Squad and been shipped off to God knows where to be fixed. Keep in mind I bought it in January !

To cut a long story short, my precious Nikon was finally deemed unrepairable and I was approved for a replacement camera. I guess 5th times a charm? 🙂

Instead of replacing my camera with an identical Nikon, I decided to get a ‘fun’ camera and purchased a waterproof digital camera!!


This baby is waterproof up to 10ft and will be perfect for my upcoming trip to Key West, sweaty races and skiing in the mountains.


I will continue to use my beloved Canon PowerShot SD1200 as my daily blogging camera, but the Fuji FinePix WP will be fun to have for situations where I don’t feel comfortable taking my Canon. With my history with cameras having a back up has become a nessecity. I’m sure it will be just a matter of time until I am back at Best Buy explaining what went wrong with my camera to the pour Geek Squad chump. You know its bad when the geek squad agents start to you know you by name and already know how to look up your file. Oh well…

I had gone to Best Buy straight afterwork and did not get home until after 7:00! Ughh… I hate getting home so late.

Luckily around 3:30 I had the other Cranberry Heart Thrive cookie from the package I opened yesterday.


The cookie did great on keep my hunger at bay. When I returned home I wasn’t instantly starving, which gave me ample time to prepare the yummy dinner I had planned.


This past weekend my Dad had informed me a new root vegetable had popped up at his Publix called Name. As I am always up for trying new fun food fines I picked one up at Publix to experiment with in my kitchen.


After a quick google search I found a little background information on the Name (Pronounced nyAH-may).

Name, has slowly become one of the most important food crops in the world! Grown throughout the tropics as well as West Africa, China, Korea, the South Pacific, India and the Caribbean, Name is often saved for special occasions and is considered a festival food in Cuba. Shaped like a long sweet potato, the flesh of Name is creamy or yellow in color while its skin can be light brown, dark brown, or tan. Its flavor is somewhat nutty with a slightly chewy texture similar to a potato. Extremely versatile, Name can be baked, boiled, steamed, scalloped, fried or creamed.


I peeled the Name and chopped into cubes.



It was a little slimy, but once peeled you could have called it a potato and no one would have thought otherwise.

I decided to bake it in the oven for 20 minutes at 425 just as I would any other root vegetable.


I dipped the finished product in BBQ sauce.


Not bad. It reminded me a lot of yucca and you all know I love my yucca! It was a large vegetable, so there is plenty left over to enjoy again and again. 🙂

While the name was baking in the oven I had Asparagus grilling on the George Foreman.


And some BBQ Tempeh cooking on the stove top.



A complete, well rounded American meal, no?

I ended my day with a Coconut Milk Ice Cream Sandwich.


It’s been a long day and I am ready for bed. Good night!!

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