Friday, August 7, 2009

Damn Camera Pt II

by Meghann on August 7, 2009

Yesterday I made the rookie mistake of leaving my camera at home and for some reason this morning my cord to upload my pictures stopped working. I think my camera is having a good ole laugh trying to keep me from my regular posting schedule. Damn you camera!

Oh well, I was able to grab my USB/ SD card reader at lunch so now I can fill you in with the rest of my Friday. 🙂

This morning really did start out great. I woke up a tad on the earlier side because I was really craving a long run. My IT band was feeling very loved after a good stretch yesterday and gave me permission to run to my heart’s content.

I ran a fabulous 8 mile run at a 9:35 pace. The run felt great and went by relatively quickly.

To speed up the breakfast process last night I had pre-prepared a single portion of Kath’s Oatmeal Pancake batter. Letting the batter sit in the fridge over night really gave it a great consistency. The oatmeal soaked up the egg resulting in a very dense, chewy pancake that was easy to cook and flip.

(accidentally deleted picture… too lazy to rewrite post)

For the topping I heated up a very ripe peach with just a drizzle of syrup and some peanut butter. It was very yummy. 🙂

(accidentally deleted picture… I promise it was pretty 🙁 )

The oatmeal pancake was the perfect protein packed meal to re-fuel with after a great 8 mile run. 🙂

Midmorning snack I had my second go at Kashi’s Dark Mocha Almond chewy granola bar.


The mocha flavor was a bit stronger today and I am still digging the mini chocolate chips on top. Yum.

Lunch today was very rushed due to the fact I had some last minute packing for Tampa to do. It was a good thing I had some leftovers from last night to rely on in a hurry.


I mixed the left over Tempeh and Brussel Sprout & Beet Mix with 1/4 cup Cous Cous, Spinach, Pecans and Raisins.


The cous cous did a great job of bringing the meal together. I ended up being a very filling, tasty meal.

I’m heading to Tampa straight after work and have plans to immediately meet up with Jenna and Anne P. for lots of Wine and Girl Talk. I am in desperate need of both!

I am crossing my fingers this weekend is better then the previous!

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