Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Solution

by Meghann on August 5, 2009

Want to know my solution to an empty fridge and no motivation to go to the grocery store?

Accept an invitation for a free meal with the family. 😉


I was seriously considering breaking into another frozen meal when my Dad called and asked if I wanted to meet him and my sister for dinner at a Greek restaurant he has been dying to try. Of course I said Yes. 🙂


Cypriana opened off of HWY 50 in east Orlando a few weeks ago. It’s a very quaint restaurant with only a handful of table and two servers.

Upon first examining the menu my sister and I were impressed with the section of the menu dedicated to vegetarian options.


There were so many great choices, it was hard for me to decide.

Since I had been running late my Dad and sis had ordered Tzatzitki dip to start off with.


I am used to tzatziki dip as an addition to gyros or other ranges of pita and found it interesting to see it listed as an appetizer option.


I had 2 pita slices dipped in the tzatziki. It was ok. The sauce was a little thin for my taste and not very flavorful. I think this tsatziki would have been better off serving its purpose as a sauce on a pita rather then a dip.

I was really craving tobouli and was very bummed to hear they were out of it. 🙁 I’m actually still upset of that fact.

I sadly ordered the Vegetarian Combo plate sans my beloved tobouli.


Instead I had Stuffed Vegetarian Grape Leaves….




and Falafel Balls.


I ate all the grape leaves, 1/2 the hummus, 1.5 falafel balls, and 1/2 the pita wedges. The food was ok, but nothing to write home about.

I’m not sure we will be returning to this particular restauraunt. Unfortunately, our server kept forgetting my Dad’s coffee and our food took way to long to be delivered to our table. It had such good potential too! Oh well.

When I got home I dug in my chocolate stash and discovered a Reeses Egg that looked good.


This afternoon I came to the conclusion that the Heart Thrive cookies are pretty much amazing.


I must pick more up at the health store in Tampa this weekend! 🙂

I am exhausted! I was actually late to dinner because I had accidentally fallen asleep on my couch after work. After I press publish I am making a beeline to my bed. Good Night everyone!!

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