Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wealth of Information

by Meghann on July 29, 2009

I have always found my fellow bloggers to be a great wealth of information.

This morning I passed along Mica’s pre-made batter trick with muffins, but the things I learn some times go beyond food. For instance lately I have been enjoying Quinn’s daily money saving tidbits. Yesterday she shared a 30% off coupon good for Old Navy, Gap or Banana Republic this weekend and today she blogged about a free movie screening site called Film Metro.

Here’s what she said:

Bargain Tip of the Day: Want to catch a free flick when it premieres in the theater? Head over to to see what movies are being screened in YOUR area and how you can score free passes to see them. With movie prices skyrocketing, this could make $40 date night a free event! And you know what that means – more cash for dinner or the outfit you’ll be wearing 🙂

Of course I checked out the site right away and discovered (500) Days of Summer was playing at the theater down the street for free tonight. SCORE!


I knew my friend Megan has been feeling a little down lately so I invited her along and made dinner for us before hand.

Gazpacho soup has been on my mind since I enjoyed it so much this past weekend at The Columbia. I am always inspired to recreate dishes I fall in love with at restaurants and Gena’s recipe for Gazpacho seemed so simple and delicious.

I broke out the blender after I completed my daily dose of Jillian’s 30 Day shred and got to work making the cold summer soup. I doubled the recipe, but accidentally added too much apple cider vinegar. I tried to balance the soup by adding extra tomato, avocado, pepper and onion, but it still ha a heavy vinegar taste. Oh well. We ate it anyways


I topped my serving of Gazpacho with homemade croutons, pepper, onion and walnuts. The toppings really helped take the vinegar edge off the soup.

With the soup we had a platter of cheese and crackers to split between us.


After dinner we rushed to the theatre to make the movie, but I had a serious craving for Starbuck’s Passion Fruit Tea and made a mini detour to the nearest Starbucks. Unfortunately by the time we made it to the theater the movie was full! They provide ore tickets then there are seats to ensure a full theater. Dratz!

Since we had driven all the way, Megan and I decided to see the Ugly Truth instead.

Such a hilarious movie!! It was worth missing the free movie to pay for this one. I can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard. If you are looking for a raunchy romantic comedy I would highly recommend it!

I snuck into the theater 1/2 of one of Amanda’s Trail Mix Blondies to nibble on during the movie.


It was the perfect movie treat. 🙂

This afternoon before I left work I had one of TJ’s individual servings of Trail Mix.


And with that it is officially past my bed time. Good night everyone!

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