Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kicking Booty

by Meghann on July 16, 2009

It was another Mini-Golf Tournament show down in my office today.

This week the Executive Office (my team) was up against the Development Team. My co-worker, John, and I volunteered to be the players for our tea. Well actually we were forced to step in when no one else volunteered. 😉

I have to admit we were a little spooked when the two people we were matched up against from the development team showed up in their golfing best, complete with polo, shorts & shoes, but we managed to hold our own. Apparently, the two of them are weekly golfers and take the sport very seriously. I on the other hand showed up in my pointy red shoes, ready to roll. It was a close, fun game, but in the end John and I managed to kick some Development Team booty and set a new course record of 20 strokes!


We’re going to the semi-finals!

I have to say I have really been enjoying out mini-golf tournament. It’s a great way to bring up company morale and allow everyone to take a breather for 30 minutes out of the week. It’s also good motivation knowing each winner of the winning team will receive a $75 AmEx Gift card!

Right after I kicked booty, I had an Amazing Grass Superfoods Bar to celebrate.


The need for celebration coinsided perfectly with the already laid out plans of Girls Night Out with my co-workers. 🙂

We all met at Brio for some drinks and an early dinner straight from work.

I immediately ordered a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon as soon as I was seated.


I slowly nursed this glass throughout the evening. I have a talent for making one drink last as long as possible, so that no one will question an empty glass that they feel the need to refill.

One of my co-workers ordered a couple of trays of appetizers for the table and was happy to pose with the spread. 🙂



I nibbled on one of the Shrimp Bruschettas while chatting with the co-workers.


It’s always fun to go out with people I work with and hear all of the office gossip. I am pretty sure every office has a past of rumors that is fun to be dug up after a couple rounds of drinks.

When it came time to order the food I wasn’t very hungry, but also knew I would not feel like making anything once I got home so I went ahead ordered the small Chopped Salad along with a cup of the Tomato Bisque.



The salad was great with the right amount of yummy veggies, but the soup was a little heavy for my taste. I could really taste the heavy whipping cream in the soup and it did a number on my stomach. I should have just waited until I got home to eat anything because this meal was just not worth eating out. I went home feeling bloated and yucky.

I tried to walk off the soup when I did make it home, but it didn’t help. I really just wanted something cold to suck on so I pulled an Icee Pop out of the freezer to see if it would help.


It helped a little, but my stomach still feels icky.

I’m glad I went out tonight because I really did have a great time with my co-workers, I am just sad how the soup made me feel afterwards. I learned my lesson though. If I’m not hungry, then I don’t need to order anything.

I think its going to be an early night for me. Hopefully I will feel better in time for my 7 mile run I was counting on in the morning. *fingers crossed*

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