Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter Tonight

by Meghann on July 15, 2009

I have noticed a trend lately. When ever I decide to have left overs for lunch I always manage to make it back to the office well before my 1 hour lunch break has officially ended.


As much as I love a big fresh salad or something original and hot on my plate, you just can not beat how quick & easy left overs truly are.  Just put it on a plate, pop it in a microwave and you are done. Easy Peasy!


Today’s plate consisted of an eclectic blend of left overs, starting with last night’s Stir Fry.


The left overs only consisted of veggies, no tofu or cashews.

Then there was Monday’s Mashed Rutabaga


And the last of the Hard Boiled Eggs I prepared on Sunday night..


Yesterday’s Watermelon free for all in the kitchen was sadly not as popular as the donut and cookie usually are. There was still quite a bit left. My co-worker encouraged me to take a hefty bag home. Oh well. More fresh watermelon for me to enjoy. 😉


I enjoyed a nice chunk as my ‘dessert.’’

I left the office for lunch at 12:16 managed to walk Abbie, throw together & eat lunch, and make it back to the office at 1:02. Talk about making good time!

This morning I did have a wonderful homemade trail mix as a snack.


In the container I had Peanuts, TJ’s Mini PB Cups, Awesome Almonds, Cinnamon Puffins, Pumpkin Seeds & Craisins. Yum!

So…I admit it, I am a Big Nerd!

But, most of you knew that, right? 🙂

I have literally been on pins and needles all day just waiting to go see the new Harry Potter movie tonight. This is actually the first time I have not been able to see the midnight opening and it’s driving me crazy not having the first hand sneak peak.

I have read all 7 books at least twice and even dressed up as Hermione for Halloween last year.

Derek suggested I wear the costume to the theater tonight, but I told him I may not be that obsessed. :p

My Dad and I already reserved our tickets for the 7:30 showing. I can’t wait!

Any other die hard Harry Potter fans out there?

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