Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fly By

by Meghann on July 7, 2009

Time got away from me this evening. I just don’t know where it went!

I think it has to do with the fact I left work a little later then usual. I spent the majority of the day calling hotels for proposals for my work’s annual user group and before I knew it, it was 5:30! I think the event planning aspect of my job is my favorite part and any day I focus on that is much more exciting then any other. 🙂

While making the calls I snacked on a single serving of Trader Joe’s Trail Mix.


When I made it home I attempted to clean my apartment, but was distracted by my overflowing google reader that is desperately needing to be read! I swear I could get lost in that google reader for hours!

When it came time for dinner I decided to take advantage of the Mozzarella, Basil and Tomato I had picked up yesterday.


I made a simple Caprese salad by mixing the combo with a light coating of EVOO and balsamic vinegar then adding it to a bed of spinach. the combo was amazingly refreshing and the perfect summer combo.  


On the side I had more sweet Cherries.


And 1/2 of a butterflied chicken breast that I grilled on the george foreman and topped with some mango dressing.


I found it amusing the chicken was a side dish to my caprese salad and not the star of the meal.

For dessert I finally had a chance to try Jenna’s Lavendar Blondie I had grabbed at her garage sale a couple of weeks ago and a piece of chocolate my bro had brought me back from Europe.


The Lavender blondie was amazing! The lavender flavor was very unique and brought a whole other element to the blondie.


Good job Jenna!

I have a few special topics I want to blog about, but they will have to wait until tomorrow. I am exhausted and am in need of some serious pillow time.

Good Night Everyone!!

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