Sunday, July 5, 2009

Guest Post: Derek's Ramblings

by Meghann on July 5, 2009

Hello everyone, Derek here. Right about now, Meghann and I are cruising around somewhere in the Caribbean. Unlike Meghann, this is my second cruise but my first in a tropical paradise. My first cruise was to Alaska around 14 or 15 years old with my family. No doubt, Alaska was a pretty cool place to visit…but let’s be honest…how often do ‘cruise ship’ and ‘alaska’ go together in a sentence? My point exactly. That’s why I was really looking forward to this cruise. Nothing but sun, fun, endless food options, and best of all, Meghann!

So why am I here? Meghann asked me to do a guest post while we’re vacationing and I couldn’t say no. Hopefully by the end of this guest post, you will know a little more about the guy that shows up on Meghann’s blog every few weeks or so. I must warn you though…what you’re about to read may leave you questions to ask or could leave you wondering why you just took time to read this. It’s basically going to be whatever decides to flow out of my fingers. Get ready for sporadic and random, here goes…

I’m 25 years old and live in Tampa. Born and raised Floridian! Not many people can say that. I know all you non-Floridian readers are jealous! =) I’m going to begin with the topic of my diet and exercise since that’s what most of ya’ll are interested in. I’ve always been pretty content with my weight. I don’t have the rock hard abs or biceps that could curl 50 lbs and I’m ok with that. I’ve been lucky enough to eat what I want and not gain a crazy amount of weight. My diet consists of a lot of boxed, canned, and frozen food. Pasta is my favorite. Give me any kind of pasta, red or white sauce, and chicken/veggies/seafood/etc and I’m good. There have been times where I’ve knocked out an entire bag of Doritos and called it dinner. Yes, dinner. I might as well be back in college working on my beer gut right?

Thing is, I’m not creative at all. I can’t think up the things Meghann does. She uses ingredients that I’ve never heard of. I remember one weekend at Meghann’s where she made jicama. Ji what? She only had to pronounce it about 5 times before I got it….and that’s only one thing. Sometimes, as you know, she’ll list out her ingredients and, no joke, most of the time I won’t know what half the stuff is. It’s sad, but true. Another thing I love is rice and beans. You wouldn’t know it from Meghann’s photos, but I’m 1/2 honduran. I like to think that I get my ridiculous obsession for arroz amarillo con frijoles negros (yellow rice with black beans) from my latin heritage. Anyway, from the few examples I’ve listed, you can probably tell it’s not the healthiest diet in the world, but this is where I segway into exercise.

I don’t get exercise through the traditional workout in the gym. I get out and rollerblade, play basketball, football, a round (maybe two) of golf. Real quick side note…for those that may not think playing golf is a workout, carry a 30 lb bag on your back for 18 or 27 holes in addition to swinging a club 200-300 times (including practice swings) and you may think differently. It’s just a different kind of workout. As far as running goes, I’ve never been into distance running. It was always more about shorter distances and quick bursts of speed that didn’t have to be maintained. It really worked in baseball! Give me 40 yards and I bet I’ve got you beat. =) Despite all that, I have been trying out the longer distance running thing. There was one thing that Meghann said that convinced me to give it a shot. I said to her one day, “I’m not a runner…I can’t run long distances”. So she said, “I didn’t think I could either but I wanted to see what I could do so I gave it a try”. The part about ‘wanted to see what I could do’ was the key. I like the idea of a challenge so I’m presently running towards my first 5k. Now, I really don’t see this turning into anything more than maybe a 15K at some point, but why not give it a go and see what kinda times I can post. Who’s with me?!?

The last thing I want to talk about (and hopefully entertain you with) is my memory of how I met and got to know Meghann. I owe it all to our mutual friend, Emily. Emily and I lived in the same dorm complex at FSU. I didn’t know her at all but randomly decided one day to friend her on facebook. Truth be told (and Meghann knows this), I was interested in Emily at that point…and my only defense is that I didn’t know Meghann yet. One particular night I was invited to go out with Emily and some of her friends…Meghann being one of them. I honestly can’t say that I remember the details of that night, but I do remember meeting Meghann that first time. I’m not going to sugarcoat the story and tell you that sparks flew from the moment we met. By nature, I’m a shy person. I’m not extroverted in a way that I can meet a stranger and feel comfortable around them. It takes time for me to feel someone out and settle in with them. So, that’s what I did with Meghann. We continued to go out in groups and, slowly but surely, found ourselves getting closer as time went on. It actually got to the point that while predrinking one night, the 3 of us came up with a nickname…DrHannEm (dr being my initials). Come to think of it, we probably had a good amount of shots in us when we came up with this, but it’s college.


We dated for a bit and I really enjoyed the college times I spent with her. From line dancing to flippin tuesday’s at AJ’s to Bullwinkles to 80s night at Yianni’s…it was all very memorable. But, reality set in and I graduated. Some time passed after graduation and I missed what I had in Meghann…so I wanted to march myself up to FSU and talk to her about it. Sadly, too much time had gone by and she began dating someone else. I never made the trip. For those of you that have been reading her blog for many many months, you may remember us running into each other at, go figure, Bullwinkles. I can’t tell you what it was like to see her again. In short, we began talking again, making visits to each other in Tampa and Orlando…at which point I showed up on her blog here and there, and magically, here I sit at 12:30am talking to you, her readers.

So, it is time for me to wrap this up and say goodbye. It’s hard to imagine Meghann typing up a post 2-3 times a day for over a year. This is tough work. In closing, I’d like to wish all of you the very best in your respective eating lifestyles, your running/exercising, and really just your goals in general.

Until next time (if she lets me),


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