Sunday, June 28, 2009


by Meghann on June 28, 2009

This morning I did something I don’t think I have done in two years… I slept in until 9:30!

I know.. Shocker! ๐Ÿ™‚

Of course I did have to let Abbie out at 7:30 and reply to some text messages at 8:30, but besides that I was in bed with my head to the pillow until I had to get up at 9:30. It was a great start to a very indulgent and relaxing Sunday. ๐Ÿ™‚

The indulgent part of today was definitely at its peak when Derek and I met Jenna and Ryan for Brunch at Jackson’s.


Jackson’s is a beautiful, classy restaurant right on the water.


The four of us sat outside and had the most beautiful view as we enjoyed our brunch.



We were lucky it was still early in the day and the full heat from the sun had not yet reach its full potential. We enjoyed a gentle water breeze the entire meal.

The brunch buffet inside was amazing and spanned across an entire room.


Jackson’s had so many brunch options to choose from it took Jenna and I a good 10 – 15 minute before we brought our first plate back to the table.


My plate was pretty full with an egg white omelet, fresh fruit, a mini waffle w/the most amazing strawberries, smoked fish and a cheese blitz.

Like I said there were so many great choices that I had to go back for a second plate!


THe second plate had a second mini waffle, more fresh fruit, a freshly carved slice of ham, donut hole, hashbrowns, and a piece of tuna.

I liked Jenna’s philopsophy of brunch. Technically you are eating both breakfast and lunch in one serving so we just considered the first plate ‘breakfast’ and the second plate ‘lunch.’ Makes sense, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I liked our server she made sure we did not miss the dessert portion of the buffet that was hiding in the bar area.


She highly recommended the bread pudding so I had a small serving with a small brownie, cookie and scoop of vanilla ice cream.


It was at this point during the brunch that I realized I should have been taking pictures of the guys plates as well, to compare the differences in our approach to the buffet. While Jenna and I kept our plates pretty light with nothing too heavy on it, the boys had plates filled to the max with sausage, gravy, bacon, steak, hash browns, biscuits, etc. It was night and day. ๐Ÿ™‚

Derek managed to sample every dessert offered. ๐Ÿ™‚


And Ryan’s ‘dessert’ plate was loaded up with waffles, french toast, donut holes and all the amazing toppings that come with it.


Everyone left very full and satisfied. It was a great Sunday brunch and we all agreed to do it again very soon.


I was STUFFED getting in the car and the best thing to do when you feel stuffed is to get out and walk around. So that’s what I did. ๐Ÿ™‚ The brunch gang headed to Hyde Park to do a leisurely stroll through the shops. I mainly did some window shopping and after an hour of walking my food belly was already depleting. Got to love shopping exercise. ๐Ÿ™‚

After we said our good byes to Jenna and Ryan – Had a great time with you guys! – Derek and I headed to the cutest puppy store to play with puppies.



Derek has been on contemplating adopting an English Bulldog and they has the cutest one for sale.


This little buddy was perfect… too bad he was $2900!

Derek plans to research rescue groups and private breeders in his area, but I think playing with the puppies today made him really excited to bring home his own little guy.

The drive back to Orlando was luckily uneventful. It felt great to get back home and do my prep work for the upcoming week. The weekend just goes by way too fast!

I finally started to feel hungry around 7:00 and quickly pulled together a nice light dinner.


I had a simple platter lunch with the almond butter as my star ingredient.


Around the plate I had Tempeh….


Mary’s Gone Crackers & Cantaloupe….


Carrots & Broccoli.


Yes, I dipped everything in the almond butter and Yes, it was amazing.

This weekend went by much too fast! At least I have a short week ahead with an exotic getaway waiting for me at the end of it!

Countdown to Cruise – 5 Days!!! Woo hoo!!!

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June 28, 2009

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