Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Long Road Home

by Meghann on June 20, 2009

10 hrs of driving + 5 people + 2 dogs + cramped space + loads of luggage = Boy am I glad to be home!

I LOVED vacation and I miss the mountains already, but boy does that long drive home sure suck! I guess its the price we pay for all the fun we were having.

It was pretty sad to pack up and leave the cabin this morning. I wish I could stay here all summer!


I feel like there was still so much in the area that we had yet to see and do.


Bye bye Lake Toxaway!

Somehow we overstocked on bread this week, so my sister came up with the brilliant idea to make french toast for breakfast this morning to lighten our load.


She dipped two pieces of whole wheat bread into a mix of egg whites, milk & cinnamon then lightly pan fried in a light coating of oil spray.


I then topped it with 1/2 a container of Blueberry Chobani and some fruit salad I made this morning of all the remaining fruit in the fridge including Mango, Orange, Strawberries, Blueberries, & Watermelon.

I loved this breakfast and thought it was the perfect last meal on the lake.

After breakfast we packed up the cars and hit the road.


After a full week of non-stop adventures the dogs were great and spent the majority of the drive asleep or on the verge of sleep.


I thought Scooby looked Dazed and Confused in this shot. 😉

During the first half of the drive I pulled out two raw cookies courtesy of Blue Mountain Organics.


I didn’t really care for the chocolate chip cookie as it had a bit of a fruity taste to it. I ate half and gave the other half to Abbie.


I much preferred the chocolate one, which reminded me of the raw chocolate brownies I have enjoyed in the past.


Abbie was eyeing for more cookie.


With all the good and bad ‘fast food’ options along the way, my family compromised on Chick Fil A for lunch.


I was always a big fan of Chick Fil A growing up and can’t believe it has been almost a year since I last had it. It goes to show you how much I now avoid fast food and how much I really don’t miss it.

Honestly as far as fast food goes, Chick Fil A really does have some great ‘healthier’ food options that I was really pleased to discover.

My Sister and I both ordered the Chargrilled Chicken & Fruit Salad. I was blown away on how colorful and vibrant it looked in its little plastic container.


The salad came with a big pouch of Berry Balsamic Vinaigrette that my sister and I split and still had remaining dressing left in the pouch.


It also came with a pouch of Granola that made a great addition to the salad.


All together.


The salad tasted very fresh and flavorful. I could not have been more thrilled with Chick Fil A and will remember this salad next time I am on the road and need good food quickly.

Of course you can no get Chick Fil A and not steal one or two fries from someone else’s meal. 😉


For my lunchtime dessert I enjoyed a Salt Water Taffy.


I took full advantage of the long drive and caught up on a lot of work on my laptop.


I also used the nifty book option in my IPhoto program to create really cool albums of both my North Carolina vacation and San Diego marathon.


I can’t wait to order them and have the hard copies in my hands. As a former scrapbooker, I really enjoyed the ease and customization of the program. I also loved the fact I did not need internet access to create the albums. 🙂

Around four I felt snacky and nibbled on two Blueberry Pistachioat Cookies.


I then read over 300 pages of Eclipse.


These books are just as good the second time around! 🙂

My family were listening to the 7th Harry Potter Book on CD during the drive and it really had me aching to read those books again as well. After I finish re-reading the Twilight series I have full intentions to re-read the 6th and 7th Harry Potter books before the next movie comes out. You think I can pull all that reading off in less then a month?!? I do love challenges…

By the time we made it back into the great state of Florida just after 5:00 I was already ready for dinner. We were sooo close to my parents so I dug my face into my book and ignored my tummy until we were about an hour away and I couldn’t take it anymore. This is when i got the great idea to go ahead and call the pizza delivery place so the pizza would arrive the same time as us.

My plan worked and 5 minutes after we got home the pizza arrived as well!


I had three tiny slices of the Vegetarian Pizza.


I had asked for light on the cheese, but I think they misunderstood and gave me extra cheese instead. 🙁 I need to start ordering pizza without cheese instead of just ‘light on it’. It always makes the pizza extra greasy and I would rather have none then a ton.


With the pizza I had some Greek Salad.


I was starving, so the dinner did the trick. But I made the 45 minute trip to my place after I ate and the greasy pizza did not sit well at all in my stomach during the drive.

It does feel good to finally be back in my apartment. I have SOOOO much stuff to catch up on tomorrow, including about a hundred e-mails to respond too. I also have big plans of getting a run in in the morning.

My alarm is set for 6:00am and my legs are already itching to move. Yay!

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