Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lots of Waterfalls

by Meghann on June 17, 2009

The one sad downfall to being tucked away up in the mountains is the lack of running trails in the vicinity. Our cabin is on a very windy busy road full of blind turns and no shoulders. I have to say I am dearly missing my beloved running shoes, but my sister and I are making due.

This morning we turned to Instant Play on Netflix and picked an old Jillian Micheals Cardio Kickboxing Work Out to get the blood flowing. It was a non-stop 20 minute workout that relied on good ole fashion play ground moves. If you are in a bind with no weights, I would suggest giving it a try.

Just as the DVD was ending, Dad was calling our names for breakfast.


I am really enjoying all of these southern style meals. I could seriously have a biscuit in my life everyday and be perfectly fine.


Especially with a drizzle of fresh raw honey to enjoy with it.


We also had some Country Style Ham.


I rarely eat country ham because it definitely screams heart attack on a plate, but let me tell you how much I LOVE country style ham. It’s a rare treat that I am glad my Dad incorporated into breakfast this morning.

To round the meal out I had some fruit salad with a dollop of plain non-fat yogurt on top.


We had big plans today of taking the boat out in the morning and hiking in the afternoon. Unfortunately the cooler weather and dense fog ruined our plans of boating, so we went straight to hiking instead.


Apparently dense fog isn’t the best for hiking either.


Imagine there are big, beautiful waterfalls behind those clouds. 😉


We decided to make our way down the mountain and out of the clouds. On the ride I snacked on a Peanut Butter Z-Bar.


Our plan worked and we were able to pull off the road to see Looking Glass Falls.


We stopped at the local Ingles to grab essentials for lunch and had a lovely picnic in the trees.


My SIster and I flocked to the salad bar at Ingles like flies to honey. I filled up my bowl with some pretty yummy treats including Spinach, Fresh Vegetables, Fresh Fruit, Pasta Salad, a Honey BBQ Boneless Chicken Wing, and a whole lot more.


I topped the gigantic salad with a drizzle of the Ginger Sesame dressing.


And had a fresh slice of Watermelon for dessert.


We then hiked to Sliding Rock for a little post lunch sliding.


Sliding Rock is a huge slick rock that kids and adults alike line up to slide down.


The water was pretty icy and the rock was a little bumpy, but it didn’t stop us from having a laugh sliding down.




Next stop was Graveyard Fields Trail that featured Lower and Upper Falls.


The Lower Falls was a fairly easy .3 mile hike down.


Pretty, right?


From the Lower Falls it was a 3.2 mile loop to Upper Falls. This hikes was the perfect amount of difficulty and distance to make you feel like you are getting a work out, but not so bad that you want to give up.


I had an Apple on the way to the falls.


And an Orange Slice at a pit stop we made on the trail.


A first we reached the Upper Falls and thought this was it.


But then we followed other hikers who climbed up the rock next to the falls and discovered this.


Much better!

Abbie tried to keep up with us as we made our way to the top.


Check out the view below 🙂


Let me tell you a 3 mile hike is much different then a 3 mile run and all of the energy I was putting out really had my hunger going. On the hike back to the car I had a Trader Joe’s Single Serving Trail Mix.


I should have got a picture of how dirty Abbie and Scooby were at the end of the day. I don’t think they minded, but the other 6 people in the car sure did. 🙂

When we made it back to the cabin everyone was pretty hungry so dinner was quickly thrown on the grill.


I had a Hamburger on top of a slice of Sourdough Wheatberry Bread with Salsa.


The only condiments we had are salsa and mustard, so I had to be creative with this one. 🙂 I used the salsa on the burger and the mustard to dip my Baked Potato Fries in.


Also on the plate was a little bit of leftover stuffing from Dillard House and some baked okra.


The meal really let me satisfied and full. It’s been a while since I had a real burger and I felt it really fit the summer atmosphere of the vacation.

For dessert my sister and I killed the container of Edy’s Slow Churned Cookies n Cream Ice Cream with a piece of Sweet Potato Pecan bread mixed in as well.


Great dessert!

Wow, these LONG posts sure do take a while to write. I’m glad you guys are enjoying them! Sorry blogging has been a bit sparatic and I’m a little behind on e-mails. I am just having too much fun on vacation. I can’t believe it’s already half over…booooooo…..

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