Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Marathon Momentos

by Meghann on June 9, 2009

My to do list is slowly depleting itself.

  • Buy Cooler
  • Start Laundry
  • Map out road trip
  • Hide Phone in bottom of the purse so won’t be tempted to check e-mail while driving

I was happy to finally have a dry afternoon to place the bumper sticker Caitlin had given me on my car.


I’m usually not a fan of bumper stickers, but I felt I earned the right to have this one on my car. 🙂

When ever I head to a race site and I’m not 100% sure where it is, I always look for cars with running themed bumper stickers to show me the way. Now someone will know to follow me too, though I won’t guarantee I’ll lead them in the right direction. lol

I also got around to framing my Bib & Medal from San Diego.


Bobbi’s Husband gave me the idea for this and I thought it was a great one. It’s the perfect way to remind me what I can accomplish when I work hard for it.



I found this frame at Marshalls for $16! I thought the inspirational sayings went perfect with the marathon theme.


My goal is to some how organize all of my race bibs, medals and other paraphernalia in a neat and creative way. Any ideas?


Just as my morning flew by, so did the rest of my afternoon. I am getting really excited about all of the headway we are making with the Blogging Summit. We are this close to making official announcements with details!!!

I munched on an Apricot Dried Fruit Leather around 4:00.


After running a few errands I was STARVING when I arrived home for dinner. Good thing I had a great meal planned in my head.


I have been envisioning this Eggplant Sandwich for a while and was just able to find an evening to make it today. It was really easy and really yummy!


I simply grilled two slices of Eggplant on the George Forman then topped one slice with Tomato, Raw Goat Milk Cheese, Basil, Mushroom, & Avocado before broiling it until the cheese melted. One the half was done, I topped it with the other half and sprinkled it with some Balsamic Vinegar.


I LOVE this!!! YUM!!!! I think the fresh basil really makes the dish. Each flavor worked perfectly with the other. It tasted fresh, wonderful and reminded me of summer.

With my eggplant creation I steamed some Yuca with a little butter.


Yuca was a great starch component to the meal and a little bit of butter goes a long way with giving the yuca just the right amount of additional flavor it needs.

I was craving some Dark Chocolate for dessert. Good thing too, I really need to start eating up my chocolate stash.


I always forget about how much chocolate builds up in there over time.

I pulled out a Green & Black’s Organic 70% Dark Chocolate Bar.


I ate half and returned the rest to my chocolate stash.


My first load of laundry just dinged, I guess that means its time for another one.

Good night!!

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