Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Marathon Recovery

by Meghann on June 2, 2009

Day 2 post marathon and I am still feeling like I am on cloud nine!

I had no trouble waking up with my alarm clock this morning and taking Abbie out for her morning walk was just the right amount of movement my legs needed to loosen up the stiffness. Yes, they are a little sore today, but nothing I can’t handle. I could really feel the tightness in my IT band for the first time this morning. A foam roller would REALLY come in handy right about now.

As of right now, sitting down I would never know I had just run a marathon by how my legs feel. They feel normal! Walking around, I feel the tightness, but after a couple of steps and shaking them out they feel the same as if I had just done some intense speed work the day before. I am going to go for a nice walk after work. I think that will really help them along. Nothing fancy, just around the apt complex or something.

So far, stairs are really my only true enemy. Good thing some powerful human being invented elevators! 🙂 Going up and down to my second story apartment is a bit of a challenge, but I will manage.

Right now my recovery approach is simple and light. Stretch, stretch, stretch! I stretched before bed last night, I did some runner’s yoga poses this morning and even in the hall way at work I have found myself pushing my toe up against the wall to stretch out my calves. I also found recovery is a great opportunity to catch up on some sit ups. I did a short 10 minute ab routine next to my bed after I stretched this morning. 🙂

With the way I feel and the research I have been doing online with recovering from a marathon, it looks like I will be ready for a short easy 2 mile or less run on Thursday and even a long bike ride this weekend! I could seriously kiss my legs right now for not being too pissed at me for making them run so far on Sunday!

I promise I am knocking on wood as I write this. No need to jinx a good thing!

My fridge was EMPTY when I returned last night, but I was much to exhausted to hit the grocery store last night. So I had to make do with my meals for today. After so much eating out and so much $$ spent on eating out I was willing to be thankful for anything my fridge or cabinets could provide. This just caused me to be a little creative with my cereal this morning. 🙂


In the bowl I had:

  • ½ cup Kashi H2H
  • ½ Cup Graduate Meghann’s Mix
  • ¼ cup Trader Joe’s Praline Pecan Granola
  • Microwaved Frozen Strawberries
  • Oikos Plain Yogurt
  • Halved Grapes


I was happy to see my grapes had survived the weekend, but they were the only fresh fruit I had. Luckily, the fresh strawberries I had frozen a while back came in handy and once defrosted made a yummy addition mixed with the yogurt. It was a great bowl of cereal to start my week back off right.

Coming into work today was a fun event. I am proudly sporting a Rock n Roll marathon tee and may or may not have my medal displayed on my desk. 😉 I swear I could tell the tale of my marathon experience over and over again! I also enjoyed being able to show everyone the video. Carrying the camera for 26.2 miles was totally worth it in the end!

I am also happy to report my hunger is slowly returning to normal. Many of you have e-mailed/ commented if I was ravenous after finishing my marathon and honestly I wasn’t. It was soo strange! I was expecting to want to eat everything in sight, but never had the urge. I ate when I was suppose to, but I was never starving and I was never really craving anything. In fact if I was eating ‘intuitively’ like I usually do, I doubt I would have ate much at all. Has anyone else experienced the post race non-hunger affect?

I am actually pinning the non-hunger I felt on the great pre-race fueling I had before hand. I literally stuffed my face the two days before the race and I think that did the trick of giving my body just what it needed to push me through, without leaving it empty or deprived. Thoughts?

I was actually quite relieved when my stomach started grumbling for its midmorning snack at 10:30am. There you are hunger! It’s my normal hunger, nothing crazy, but I am glad my body is starting to feel back to normal in that aspect.

When the time came I had one of Ashley’s Homemade Granola Bars and an Adora Milk Chocolate Disc.


When lunch came around I was happy to be hungry again. I know its weird for me to type this, but I was seriously freaking out after the race over this! LOL

Again, the empty fridge forced me to be creative. I dug into the freezer and discovered a protein packed meal that would leave me satisfied.


The Lentil Chili had been in the freezer a few months, but was still great to heat up and eat. I topped it with some Raw Goat Milk Cheese and had a Whole Wheat Slider Bun on the side.


I now have meetings the rest of the afternoon until 5:00 and then I’m off to the mall to shop for a new phone and then to Publix to restock my fridge!

I made the mistake of running with my phone in my sports bra during the marathon and by mile 5 it had drowned. After letting it air out for a couple of days, it still is not working and I am desperate to have communication again with the outside world. For those of you who have texted me or called me post race I promise I am not being rude, I just don’t have a phone!! Hopefully I will have anew one soon, I feel so naked without one!

And once again THANK YOU for all of the supportive e-mails and comments about the marathon. The overwhelming support you guys provide is absolutely amazing and I feel so honored to have been able to share this entire experience with you! I promise to have more marathon updates through out the week, so stay tuned for e
xciting news!! 🙂

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