Thursday, May 21, 2009

Congrats Graduates!

by Meghann on May 21, 2009

Congrats to the Class of 2009!


It is definitely a different experience attending a High School graduation so many years after I graduated myself. After experiencing the post high school world, I wanted to grab all these kids and tell them it’s not over and that this is only a single step in their lives. There is still so much life to live and tonight is only a mild milestone in life.

I rushed out of work a little later the originally intended and quickly gobbled down a Chocolate Brownie PURE bar as I rushed to my parent’s house.


It was nice to have all of my siblings together for the youngest’s graduation. Before the 7:00 ceremony we had an early dinner with just the 6 of us at our favorite pizza joint, Kelseys.

We started with the Greek Salad for 2, which is really the Greek Salad for 6 or more.


I had a small serving of the Greek Salad.


I grew up on this salad and it will always be a favorite of mine. 🙂

For our meal, my Sister and I split the Veggie Calzone. They brought it to the table already cut individually for each of us.


I can’t remember the last time I had a calzone and after I ate this I remember why it had been so long. There was way to much cheese and not enough veggies. If I ordered this again I would tell them to go light on the cheese and heavy on the veggies. I managed to eat all the crust, pick at the few veggies inside and leave most of the cheese filling behind.

We made it to graduation over an hour before it started to make sure we got some decent seats. Because of the monsoon weather we have been experiencing the past week, the football field where the commencement was suppose to take place was completely flooded. The school then had to go to Plan B, where the graduates graduate in the school auditorium. Each graduate was alotted 2 tickets to the auditorium , while the rest of the friends and family could watch on closed circuit tvs in the gym or cafeteria.


Sadly, my twin bro, sister and I were forced to watch the ceremony in the gym. Which actually was not as bad as we were predicting it would be.

The three of us spent the entire ceremony catching up, joking about the speeches, and counting how many times the poor girl sitting directly behind the ceremony picking her nose.

When it was my brother’s time to graduate this was as great of a shot as I could get.


Fortunately my parents had great seats for the actual ceremony and were able to capture some pretty awesome shots with their fancy camera and long lens.



My other siblings and I actually graduated from a different high school then the one my little bro graduated from tonight. It was a little tough watching him walk around in blue rather then the maroon and gold we use to proudly wear. THS was our school’s main rival! I guess it just goes to show you those peky rivals really mean nothing in the end. 🙂

Ben graduated from a relatively small class – about 300 – so we were lucky the ceremony lasted well under 2 hours. It was a flood of chaos waiting for the graduated to come out though.


We were able to find my brother and take some family pictures.


To celebrate the graduation we went to local diner for some Ice Cream. I ordered a small vanilla cone with a flavor shot of peanut butter.


The Peanut Butter flavor shot was really interesting. It was a very light peanut butter coating painted on the side. I liked it, but wish it was a tad more peanut buttery.

Ben has now hung his cap and gown up and headed to Project Graduation to continue celebrating the night away with his fellow classmates. I still can not believe my little brother is officially a high school graduate. I am so proud!

I am staying the night at my parent’s house tonight and have to get up super early to beat traffic and make it to work on time. Not my idea of a fun time! I guess it’s the price we pay to celebrate with the ones we love. I better get to sleep now so I won’t be a walking zombie tomorrow.

Good Night!

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