Friday, May 15, 2009

Vacation Time

by Meghann on May 15, 2009

The conference is over, the weekend is here and it’s time to start partying it up in San Antonio. 😉

[Insert picture of myself with a margarita the size of my face here]

In reality my parents and I are exhausted and after a quiet night exploring the city we are ready to crash before the party even starts going.Oh well.

It has been a long day though!

This morning I did not have to be downstairs until 8:30 so I was able to sleep in until 6:00 (!) before getting up and heading the hotel gym. Luckily this morning a treadmill was open and waiting for me to hop on. I ran 4.6 miles in 45 minutes while watching music videos on VH1 again. I am not the biggest fan of running on treadmills, but I have to say the big fancy ones with the built in tv screens does make a big difference.

Breakfast this morning was the exact the same set up as yesterday, except this time they had bowls for cereal. I wasn’t feeling any of the choices they provided, so I brought out one of my prepackaged baggies.


Again, the pretty labeling too remind me what I put in there.


With no yogurt around I decided to bulk up the cereal with this individual serving of Justin’s Honey Peanut Butter instead.


All together with a generous serving of fruit salad, this bowl of cereal was pretty awesome.


I forget how much I loved nut butter on cereals and I need to remember this combination for my morning bowls at home.

The morning meetings went quickly and swiftly. At 10:00am we had a small break and I was able to grab another plate of fruit.


Love, Love, Love me some fruit.

Lunch today was another big hit.


We had a customizable Burger and Hot Dog Buffet that ended up winning the clients over. The burgers were HUGE and they had a wonderful assortment of topping and condiments as well as salads, chips and desserts.

I first loaded my plate with the Salad and a little dressing on the side.


Then I got a little creative with what was available and made a Pepper Jack Cheese sandwich with a hotdog bun, tomato, onion and relish. It was very yummy.


Now I feel I should explain the dessert situation from yesterday. I was not sad I ate the dessert, I mean we all know I enjoy dessert on a daily basis, I was just sad on how much I ate of the dessert. I am more of a enjoy it all in moderation girl not a eat two full servings on your own type of girl. I also knew I would be on ‘vacation’ all weekend and would be enjoying desserts through out the weekend. With that in mind I want to thank you for all of your wonderful comments. I read and needed each and everyone of them.

Today there was a display of desserts and a couple looked too good to pass up. Remembering how I felt yesterday I reminded myself of the everything in moderation rule and had a small semi-piece of the two that struck out on me.


The couple bites was exactly what I needed and I had no urge to go back for more. I felt much better about my dessert choice today and that really set the mood for the rest of my evening.

We wrapped up the conference around 3:00pm and I was free to meet up with my parents who had arrived a couple hours before. We hit up the Riverwalk and started to explore.



Unforunately it started to rain. 🙁 So we headed to Mad Dogs British Pub to enjoy a drink inside.


Mad Dogs British Pub is a cool british theme bar with a great assortment of tacky decorations and british beer on tab.


I ordered a Black & Blue which was 1/2 Guiness and 1/2 Blue Moon (or Shock Top in this instance)


When the sun came out we headed to Market Square to try a restaurant that I have had constant recommendations for… Mi Tierra.


I was pretty excited to try this place because sooo many people told me it was a must try. The bright decorations were very festive and welcoming.


I was pretty hungry when we sat down so I nibbled on a couple of chips and sampled the array of salsas.


When it came time to order I was really stuck on what I wanted to order. Luckily the waiter was really, really helpful and wanted to make sure I got what I wanted. I told him my love for vegetables and was looking for something that was more green on the plate the less brown. He told me there was a vegetarian option that wasn’t on the menu that he could customize to my liking. So that’s what I went with.


This was two Corn Tortilla Tacos filled with an assortment of vegetables and a light sprinkle of cheese inside. There was salsa on top and some rice on the side with some whole beans.


This was actually pretty amazing. I loved how it has the perfect amount of cheese on the inside and was overflowing with great vegetables. The beans were also great and spicy with whole pieces of jalapenos inside.

I know there have been some comments floating around asking if I have made the switch to being a vegetarian and I really haven’t. I just prefer the vegetarian options on menu simply because I love vegetables soo much. I am more of a vegetables as the main dish and meat on the side girl, while most of america is the other way around. But on occasion I do like to nibble on a piece of good meat.

To prove I still eat meat here is a piece of my Mom’s yummy pork I tried.


I also tried a piece of my Dad’s goat her ordered. I like to try and sample everyone’s food and if I classify myself as a vegetarian then I couldn’t do that. So that is what I am, take it or leave it because its just the way I am.

Ok, now that we got that out of the way we can focus on the best part of Mi Tierra: the bakery!


I spent 10-15 minutes speaking with the guy behind the counter as he explained to me just about what everything was. Even then I couldn’t decide what I wanted so we bought a sampling of pasteries to bring back to the hotel and enjoy.



I had a bite of each.


They were all so tasty, there is no way I could come close to picking a favorite. Yum, Yum, Yum!

Now that I am out of work mode and switched onto vacation mode I feel like I can definitely kick back a little more and enjoy myself. I am not sure what the game plan is for tomorrow, but I am hoping there is still enough fun stuff left to explore. I feel bad that I kind of saw alot before my parents even arrived.

Have a great weekend!

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