Thursday, May 14, 2009

Work Day in San Antonio

by Meghann on May 14, 2009

Today was the first official day of my conference.


I treated it like any other day and started the morning lacing of my running shoes and heading for a good work out before I was called to duty at 7:15.

I was shocked this morning when I discovered both treadmills were in use when I entered the hotel gym at 5:30 this morning. Bummer. It had actually been a while since I had hopped on an elliptical so I switched gears, made today a cross training day and spent 45 minutes doing a ‘hill’ work out. I also enjoyed the jumpstart music videos on VH1 while I was elipicating (?), it made me realize how much I love actual music videos.

After the elliptical I got a killer 15 minute arm work out in with 10 pound weights. If I had a work out bench, full length mirror and some 10 pound weights I think I would be more motivated to do strength training on a weekly basis rather then the monthly I currently experience.

After my work out and shower I was totally ready for the breakfast buffet we had set up by the registration table.


Since I was in charge of the registering the clients breakfast was eaten sparatically over the hour period.

I started with a big plate of yummy fruit and a raisin bran muffin.


Then I went back for more yummy fruit.


And I would not be lying if there wasn’t another napkin filled with fruit after this. What can I say? A bowl of fresh fruit staring me in the face is my true weakness. Even when my tummy started to feel really full and bloated from the major amount of fruit I would still have a yearning to eat more. I guess it’s better then repeatedly going back for muffins, right?

This conference is on a much smaller scale then the one in Long Beach so it was a more intimate setting that required less running around and more sitting and listening.


The good news I did learn A LOT about our product. 🙂

All the fruit may have filled me up for the brief moment in time, but it went through me to fast and at our 10:00am break I brought out an Honest Food Bar to snack on.


I am always scared to try any bar with a fruit in the title but I honestly enjoyed the Apple Ginger flavor. The apple chunks were minimal and the ginger flavor was nonexistent. It was exactly what I needed.

Lunch today was catered by hotel which means it was only so-so.

We started with a nice house salad and I had a little parmesan dressing on the side for dipping.


Now for the meal my supervisor again made every attempt possible to let the staff and our events service manager no we request no pasta for the vegetarian entree. You can imagine my deep hysterics when a big plate of pasta was placed in front of me for my meal. After the incident in Long Beach and how we bolded NO PASTA on all out order forms I just found it deeply ironic.

Once again I found being one of the planners of the events has its perks and the waiter was very kind to bring me a pastaless vegetarian dish. He then presented me with buttered grilled vegetables.


Oh yeah, these babies were drenched in butter and I’m not going to lie they were good. I ate about 75% of it.

The table had flour tortillas on it so I took one and made a veggie fajita.


Dessert was a lovely piece of Apple Pie.


I meant to just eat half but the cinnamon crumble topping pulled me in and I ate it all. Bad Meghann.

What’s even worse was for our afternoon break we were presented with fresh cookies.


Normally I am one to stay away from cookies, but our hotel is kind of famous for their bakery and this one kind of shot out on me.


It was filled with Walnuts, Oatmeal, Cinnamon and dried Cranberries and it was good. Again, I meant to eat half and ate the whole damn thing. What is wrong with me today?!?!?!?!

Of course this is the part where the guilt starts to pour in and I can’t believe the two desserts I have already ate today and what in the world I was going to do for dinner. I wish I could be the big person and say I was comfortable with my choices, but I just can’t. I should just had a couple of bites of them each and have been done with it. Sorry to be a downer, but I am being honest here.

It’s funny because I couldn’t say no to a sugar cookie, but I had no problem turning down the quasadilla bar and open bar at the customer appreciation session this evening.


It all looked and smelled really good, but I was full of Apple Pie and Cookie.


I was ready to get out, walk, and explore the town after we were released for the day. A couple co-workers and I headed to Hemisfair Park to take the elevator to the top of the Tower of Americas.


It was a cool, quick elevator ride with a glass wall to let you enjoy the view on the way up.


The views from the top weren’t bad either.


It was really, really windy though!!


Check out my co-worker’s hair! 🙂


More cool views.


After our 360 degree view of San Antonio I was ready for dinner so we headed to a little place one of our local clients reccommended.


It’s funny because she raved and raved about this place, but honestly I was not impressed at all. It had a small menu and reminded me of any regular ole mexican place back home. At least our table had a great view of the river.


I ordered the Huevos Rancheros with whole beans instead of refried (eww… lard).


I also asked for a side of Corn Tortillas….


And proceeded to make Egg & Bean Tacos 🙂


It really hit the spot, but again nothing I would write home about.

Now I am soo ready for bed. I am crossing my fingers for an empty treadmill in the morning. 🙂 Tomorrow is the final day of the conference and my parents are actually flying in in the afternoon to spend the weekend exploring San Antonio with me. I am very excited and can not wait to see their smiling faces.

Have a great Friday everyone!!!

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