Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Exploring San Antonio

by Meghann on May 13, 2009

Just when I think I am starting to look my age and become a real adult, the lady at the airport check-in counter asks me what my ages is and becomes all wide eyed when I say 24. Apparently I look like an unaccompanied minor about to take flight? LOL I told her the irony of it all was that I was actually flying for business. Oh well, I guess I will take passing for a 16 year old while I still can. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The plane ride was luckily uneventful. I enjoyed a hot tea when the drink cart came by.


And around 10:00am I had half of this Cacao Walnut Brownie compliments of The Raw Bakery.


This was very rich and almost fudgy just like a real brownie. I enjoyed it eating it and an hour later had the second half.


The flight flew by thanks to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which I watched for the duration. Sadly, the movie was a little longer then the movie so I have yet to see the end. But from what I did see it was great and I can’t wait to finish it when I’m done with this post. ๐Ÿ™‚

When we made it into San Antonio lunch was what was on everyone’s mind. We immediately got our hotel rooms and headed to the riverwalk for a bite to eat.


I’m not sure what I was expecting for the riverwalk, but anything I had in my head completely disappeared when we took our first steps onto the tiny sidewalk that runs along the river. It truly is a breath taking area and the tree lined path provided a welcomed amount of shade on the very hot day.

We all were in a Mexican mood so we stopped a The Original Mexican Restaurant & Bar.


I love how this place called itself the Original.

Of course we had to sit right by the river.


It was fun to watched the boats full of school children drive by.


I was not sure what I was in the mood for, for lunch and was sad to see the limited Vegetarian Options.DSCN0019.JPG

After a quick survey I decided on the Tacos de Calabacita: two rollled tacos filled with calabacita, topped with ranchero sauce, served with guacamole, lettuce & pico de gallo.


The tacos were nice and light filled with yummy squash, corn and peppers. I ate almost the whole plate, leaving behind the majority of the guacamole.

This meals really had no protein so it did not feel me up. Instead of picking at chips I downed two large cups of unsweet tea which left me feeling very full, bloated and in desperate need of a potty.

After lunch we walked off our food and I got my first peak at The Alamo.


Everyone warned me it would be small, but it seriously was a tiny building. Too be honest I wasn’t really sure what the Alamo was before hand, but now fee well educated.

I loved the abundance of cactus in the garden.


I really felt like I was in Texas at this point.

After some sight seeing we returned to our rooms and I was starving. I dug into the last of of my Trader Joe Peanut Butter Pretzels.


I’m so sad these are now all gone. There’s a Trader Joes in San Antonio right? I am willing to make a trip just to stalk up on more of these!

After a quick nap and e-mail catching up, my co-workers and I were ready for some more exploring.


I also was excited to wear my cowboy boots. Cute, right?

We hopped on a river guide boat to learn more about the city.


My co-worker, Ed, and I ready to learn.


We saw a lot of cool buildings, too bad I am too tired to remember all the information.


But they’re pretty, right?


After the boat tour we were all ready for a drink and some food. My supervisor had an italian restaurant in mind so we headed to it.


I have to be honest when I say I am not the biggest an of Italian restaurants unless I am planning to carb load before a race. Pasta is just not something I like to eat and I felt the whole menu was covered in heavy sauces. I made do with what I could, but I am not proud of my choices at all.

I started with a glass of Chianti wine.


I was pleasantly surprised instead of the typical garlic bread, they had garlic pitas. It was good, but drenched in oil.


The table ordered Spinach Salad, Escargot and Tomato/Basil to share.


I had a little bit of everything and then went back more for tomatoes and artichokes from the salad. In all honesty I should have just stopped here and have been happy.

For my meal I ordered the Gnocchi in Pesto with Shrimp.


It was ok, but I felt very greasy and icky eating it. I ate about 75% of this dish and that’s just because it was sitting in front of me. I don’t know what it was, but that restaurant just did not sit right with me at all.

Despite the food, I did enjoy the night out with my co-workers. It was great conversation and I loved getting to know everyone all over again.


After dinner a co-worker and I headed to the CVS to stock up on water and I was really craving some chocolate so I purchased this ridiculously overpriced bar of Dark Chocolate.


I ate half and felt my craving was satisfied.

I also felt like I could just go on and on taking pictures on the riverwalk.


Can you say pisturesque or what?!?!

Sorry this post is mostly pictures, I am tired and not feeling creative at all. I think the so-so dinner has really got me down…. here’s hoping for better tomorrow! However, I did discover today that running outside just is not going to be an option for me here, so as much as I hate to admit it, it looks like the hotel gym for me all week. Boo Hoo. My alarm is set and I have an early date with the treadmill.

Good night everyone!!

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