Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Missing Abbie

by Meghann on May 12, 2009

Abbie gave me quite the scare tonight!

It was storming when I returned home from work this afternoon. Abbie was there to greet me as I opened the door to my apartment with arms full of packages. But, while she was jumping on me outside the door, she paused at the exact time a big bolt of lightening struck and a great loud thunder cracked the sky. The thunder terrified Abbie and she bolted down the stairs.

I dropped what I was carrying inside my apartment, grabbed Abbie’s leash and took off after her. By the time I got down the stairs Abbie was gone! She was no where in sight and it was raining hard. I immediately ran to all her favorite spots, dug in the bushes and was still unable to find her.

I started to panic and ran around like a crazy woman shouting “Abbie, Abbie” as loud as my lungs could scream. Neighbors started to come out and help me look for her and I ran and got my cellphone in case anyone found her and called my number on her collar.

I ran laps around my complex in my work clothes, in the rain trying to find Abbie. I was freaking out, soaked to the bone and all the worse case scenarios started ticking through my head as we passed the 15 minute and 25 minute mark of Abbie disappearance.

Finally, a neighbor called me over to let me know he had found my puppy. Abbie was buried deep in the bushes in front of the apartment building next to mine. She was crouched down, shaking and did not want to come out. Abbie was scared to death and I was in tears seeing my baby was ok.

I immediately brought her inside and gave her a bath. My poor baby was still shaking and after the bath refused to leave the bathroom.


I wrapped her in a towel to keep her warm and ended up feeding her dinner in the bathroom.

Talk about a traumatic experience this was for both of us tonight. Poor Abbie is going to be forever terrified of thunderstorms and I never want to imagine what it will be like to lose my baby. I was a very worried Mommy tonight!

With all the excitement of running around outside looking for Abbie, I was glad I had not planned to make anything special for dinner. I still needed to pack and catch up on Gossip Girl. I also had to call my friends and relatives to let them know the horror story of the evening.

Dinner was quick, easy and very simple thanks to some leftovers from last night’s Everything But The…. meal.


I was in an apple mood so I chopped up a small fuji apple and added it to the mix before I heated everything up in the microwave.


For such an odd combination of multiple flavors, I really like this dish. The apple was really the perfect add on. Yum! Yum!

My family is watching Abbie while I am in San Antonio and my Dad is taking me to the airport tomorrow morning, so I drove back home after dinner for the night. I just happened to drive by one of my favorite frozen yogurt shops on the way and after the hell I went through this evening I figured I deserved a treat.


I had a small Original/ Raspberry Tart Swirl with Toasted Coconut, Strawberries and Kiwi. Just what I needed.

Even though Abbie was naughty for bolting from me, I let her have some yogurt too for the trauma she experienced as well.


This afternoon I also snacked on a serving of Trader Joes Peanut Butter Pretzels before I left work.


Hopefully, the rest of my evening won’t be as exciting as it started out. Abbie seems back to her old self running around my parent’s house, happy as a clam. I am just happy to have her inside, safe and sound. I love my puppy!!

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