Friday, May 8, 2009

It's the Weekend!!

by Meghann on May 8, 2009

Woo Hooo… It’s the weekend!!!

Gotta love that Friday evening high. 😉

It was actually a pretty busy day at work, so I apologize for not having time to post my lunch, but I promise it was a good one.


I started with 1/2 a Baked Sweet Potato filled with 3/4 cup of Black Beans, Banana Peppers, and Blue Cheese.


All the flavors worked so well together and of course Sweet Potato & Black Beans is always a no fail combo.

On the side I was craving some nut butter, today I went with Naturally Nutty’s Toffee Butter Peanut Butter.


Forgot how much I love this stuff.

I had Apple Slices and Grapes for some nutty dipping.


The Apples and Grapes acted like a great sweet contrast to the warm Sweet Potatoes and Black Beans.

Before lunch I snacked on one of Melissa’s fabulous Whole Wheat Sweet Potato Date Muffins.


And while finishing up the day at work I had a Kind Fruit & Nuts in Yogurt Bar.


This bar was very similar to the Eat Natural Yoghurt Bar I tried a couple of weeks ago, but also very different. Unlike the Eat Natural Bar this one had more of a nut base with large whole nuts right inside. I loved it!

I love Fridays because I always get to leave a little on the earlier side. I took full advantage of it this afternoon and took Abbie to a park for nice mile walk around the lake. It was HOT outside and Abbie made it about 3/4 around before plopping her butt on the ground and crying no more. She is currently passed out under my bed recovering from her very active afternoon.

Dinner tonight was another Summer inspired meal!


I picked up some Sundried Tomato Chicken Sausages at Whole Foods this past weekend that we just calling my name. I grilled the sausage and put it on a Piece of Toast with Spinach then topped with some BBQ Sauce & Deli Mustard.


This sausage was yummy! Its wonderful healthy alternative to the summer time classics as these are all natural, organic and made with no nitrates or MSG.

Tonight was also my first attempt at experimenting with Jicama.


I ‘julliened’ (well, I did my best) the Jicama with some carrot and made a Jicama Slaw. For the dressing I combined Non-Fat Plain Yogurt, Honey Mustard, Vinegar, Oregano, & Thyme.

The jicama is really crispy, light and refreshing. The slaw was great, but next time I would try for much thinner slices of the jicama. I can’t wait to experiment more with the jicama in salads and in sandwiches and such. Anyone have any great suggestions?

And lastly I had some leftover Mexican Zucchini & Yellow Squash from last night.


When my sweet tooth started knocking after I finished my refreshing summer meal I dug into Melissa’s Whole Wheat Oatmeal with Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate Cookies and had 2.


Yum! Yum!

Thank you everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes for my Sister! She made it back to my parent’s house from a week in the mountains and I’m sad I’m not there for the dinner and movie they have planned. Instead, I have an early bedtime so I can get up before 5:00am to knock out 20 miles before the temps start to reach the 90s.

After my 20 miles though I will be more then ready to continue the birthday celebration. I think a run like that deserves a nice piece of cookie cake, wouldn’t you say?

Happy Birthday Kelly!!! 🙂

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Happy Birthday Kelly!!

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