Monday, May 4, 2009

Forbidden Topics

by Meghann on May 4, 2009

I had a very fun and interesting run at Team in Training tonight.

My running buddy and I decided to dive into all of the generally ‘forbidden’ topics between casual acquaintances. It all started with restrictive food diets and somehow went to religion, abortion, death and gay marriage. It was definitely a passionate conversation and made those 4 miles just fly by.

Don’t worry I know better then to ever discuss any of those topics on here, but please know I have my own opinions and a very open mind about other’s opinions as well. Peace, Love & Blogright? 🙂

Before my run this afternoon I tried the second Eat Natural Bar Sam had sent me all the way from jolly ole England.


THis one had great big chunks of Macadamia Nut and Coconut in it.


It was not as sweet as I was expecting, but still very good. Different from any other bar I’ve tried, but not in a bad way. Thanks again Sam!

When I returned from my run I was STARVING and wanting food in me ASAP. Good thing I had this new Tasty Bites Thai Meal waiting for me in the pantry.


I love the Tasty Bites Indian meals and was hoping the Thai one would be just as good. I heated it quickly in the microwave with some Broccoli and topped with crushed Peanuts and Raisins.


LOVED the addition of Peanuts and Raisins, in fact I wish I had added more. 🙂

I also has Whole Wheat Pita for dipping.


It was a quick, easy meal that left me very satisfied. My only complaint is the sauce was not as flavorful as I was hoping. Bummer.

For dessert I had the very last piece of my Dark Chocolate Bunny from Easter.


RIP Bunny… you were mighty tasty!!!

Now its time for my favorite part of the day, when I put the PJs on and watch wonderful mindless television. Gotta love it!

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