Friday, May 1, 2009

New Eyes

by Meghann on May 1, 2009

My Sister and I switched places this morning. Usually I am the one bounding out of bed and begging her to run with me, but this morning it was all about her. She jumped on my air mattress at 7:00am asking if I was going to join her, but after not going to sleep until 2:00am and an 18 miler planned for tomorrow I had to politelfully decline and watch her go out the door with out me.

I have to admit the runner in me was very jealous, but I knew it was the right thing to do for my body.

So instead of running I did the Yoga for Runners on My Mom and Aunt started for the first 5 minutes with me, then gave up and instead took pictures of me attempting the moves.


You like my sports bra and snowflake boxer short ensemble? 😉

I then did Wigg’s Ab-solutely routine. Again, my Aunt started with me and then bailed halfway through. lol

I was very excited to hit up one of my favorite breakfast joints in Tallahassee this morning called Jenny’s Lunchbox.


Unfortunately it was another one of those instances when I was looking at the menu with different eyes. They offered no fruit salad what so ever or whole grain pancakes. Bummer.

I did the best I could do and ordered the Veggie Egg White Omelette with Home Fries and Dry Wheat Toast.


I ate all of the Omelette, 1/4 of the Home Fries and both pieces of toast. For not running in the morning, I was very hungry.

After breakfast we ran errands around town and I got a cute dress to wear tonight as well as my eyebrows waxed.

We have early dinner reservations, so just went with a light lunch. I had a small salad and a sliver of my sister’s spinach pizza from Momos.


Momos is known for pizza slices the size of your head. I used to practically live there back in college. Aww… memories! 🙂

Now I must get dressed because its time for pictures, food and graduating. Yay!!!

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