Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm Safe in Long Beach

by Meghann on April 21, 2009

Greetings from the West Coast!


It has been a LONG day of traveling and working. So far I am enjoying my trip and can’t wait to see the new challenges the rest of the week brings.

Caitlin earned the title of bestest friend ever when she got up with me at 5:00am this morning to take me to the airport. I had a handful of Shredded Wheat on my way out the door to stop the early growls of my stomach.

Since my plane took off at 6:30am Florida time and I would be landing 9:30am California time I knew breakfast would be tricky. Traveling backwards in time always throws my eating schedule off and I knew it was going to have to be one of those days when I would eat more then usual to try to balance myself out.

I managed to at least holding off eating my breakfast until the plane took off, but there was no way I could have waited any longer. Seriously how do people go without breakfast in the morning? I was starving when I pulled out my eats.


The night before I had made up a wonderful breakfast cookie using 1/2 cup Oats, 1 spoonful Apple Sauce, 1 spoonful Yogurt, 1 spoonful Naturally Nutty Vanilla Almond Butter, Dried Cranberries, Mini Chocolate Chips, Walnuts and Shredded Coconut. I had left the cookie in the fridge overnight and carried it one with me. I then picked up a cup of Fruit Salad in the food court.

Honestly the pre-made breakfast cookie was the best idea I ever had for bringing on the plane. It was still the perfect texture when I went to eat it and tasted way better then anything I could have picked up in the airport. Next time you travel I highly suggest bringing a breakfast cookie with you!

During the plane ride I watched Marley & Me and bawled my eyes out. The second time watching it was just as sad as the first tie I saw it back in December. It really made me miss my Abbie who is spending the week with my Parents.

The breakfast cookie and fruit salad kept me full for the majority of my 5 hour flight, but right before landing I new I needed a little something so I would make it to lunch once we settled into the hotel.


After reading Gliding Calm’s review of You Bar’s Honey Cashew Bar I knew I had to try it ASAP. SHe had nothing but good things to say about this bar and I have to say she was right! I LOVED the Cashew Butter base and the whole bar melted in your mouth like a candy bar. Soooo yummy!

Once we landed a town car was waiting to take us to our hotel. Even though it was on the early side our rooms were all ready for us.


Got to love the accommodations. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Over the past few months I have been in charge of coordinating everyone’s hotel reservations and working closely with our events management contact at the hotel. He was sweet and left me a little gift basket in the room.


Of course I had to have the fresh Strawberries from the basket ASAP.


Then finally we headed out for an early/late lunch. It was 11:00am Long Beach Time and 1:00pm Florida time. I guess that’s the best middle ground we could ask for.

After hopping on the bus to the Shoreline we decided eating outside at The Yard House would be the best option.


We were literally one of the first groups to walk in the door for lunch, it was empty.


I have a feeling I will be coming back to this place during my visit, check out the hundreds of beers on top!


After perusing the menu I decided on the Ahi Tuna Steak Sandwich.


I asked for no aoili sauce, no butter on the bun and steamed broccoli instead of fries.


The meal was soooo good!!! My tuna was perfectly rare and the carmelized onions gave just the right amount of sweetness. I loved it!

We got straight to work after lunch collecting all of the materials for the conference. We do not have a rental car and accidentally ended up taking a tour of Long Beach by getting on the wrong buses, but we made it. Tomorrow we just have some last minute details to attend to and conference registration begins in the afternoon!

We finished up pretty early so we took the bus to Belmount Shores and walked around a bit. While I am in Califronia I had two must haves on my list #1 Trader Joes…. #2 Pinkberry!


We found a Pinkberry in Belmount Shores and I immediately dragged my supervisor and co-worker in for an afternoon treat.


I ordered a small Original with Shaved White Chocolate Pieces, Raspberries & Blueberries. It was amazing!!! Now all I need is the find a Trader Joes.

We then hit up the not so impressive Rock Bottom Brewery


It is a micro-brewery place right next to the hotel that only serves its own microbrews and honestly none of them sounded great. I ended up ordering their version of Wheat Beer and only drank it because I was really thirsty and really needed a beer.


We decided against staying at the Brewery for dinner and instead headed back to the Shoreline to Tequila Jack’s for our grub.


I ordered the Vegetable Wet Burrito with Verde Salsa, No Cheese and Black Beans instead of Refried.

  • Burrito Attempt #1 – I had two bites and realized there was pork inside
  • Burrito Attempt #2 – They had refried beans instead of the requested black beans
  • Burrito Attempt # 3 – Finally got it right.


I ate about 70% of the Burrito, 50% of the Black Beans and a few bites of rice. I also snacked on some Guacamole while I was waiting for my order to be corrected 3 different times. I left feeling really stuffed and tired.

I think the Mexican was a bit too much for me tonight. RIght now I feel so sick and bloated I never want to eat again. I hate that feeling and I just need to remember it the rest of this week as I see my co-workers order drink after drink and order these huge meals out each night. I need to keep repeating to myself to keep it in moderation until I can get back to my home cooking.

Tomorrow I plan on getting up early and running the trail along the water. I can’t wait! I have been watching runners all day its getting me antsy to get out there and so my own thing. West Coast running here I come!

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