Sunday, April 19, 2009

The End of Another Weekend

by Meghann on April 19, 2009

Sorry I’ve been MIA today, but it has been a pretty much non-top day and it was nice to just enjoy my Sunday. It was a wonderful Sunday.

I started my morning very tight and sore, running was definitely not on the agenda for today. Instead I settled into some nice Yoga for Runners through It was exactly what I needed and my legs were thanking me immensely for the love and attention afterwards.

When I asked Derek what he was hankering for breakfast his face immediately lit up and he requested First Watch, our favorite breakfast spot. Of course I agreed. ๐Ÿ™‚

My favorite part about going to First Watch is when I ask what is in their Fruit Salad they always respond by asking what I would like in my fruit salad. This time it was the same concept with the Fruit Crepes I ordered.


I had two Crepes filled with fresh Strawberries & Kiwis with Strawberry Yogurt, Strawberries, Kiwi and Blueberries on top. It came with a serving of Granola and instead of the Chocolate Chip Muffin I had an order of Turkey Sausage on the side for the protein I know I have desperately been lacking.

The crepes were sooooo good!! I love how fresh the fruit was. It was truly the perfect breakfast.

After breakfast we packed up and headed to my parent’s side of town the enjoy some beach action.


It was perfect beach day weather!

We went to Playalinda, which is a secluded hometown beach that takes you right past the Space Center on the way out.


Two shuttles were out on the pads, so we had an awesome view of their preparation for launch.

While relaxing in the sun I enjoyed a new book I picked up last night.


This is perfect for a first time marathoner like myself. It is a collections of essays from marathoners documenting their first times. I love reading what was going through their heads around mile 20 and how proud they felt to cross the finish line. It really is inspiring.

We packed a picnic lunch to enjoy in the sand.


I ended up eating a Pita Sandwich, the Pear and shared the bag of FoodShouldTasteGood Jalapeno Chips with Derek.

I had had stuffed the Whole Wheat Pita with Wildwood Teryaki Baked Tofu, Tomato, Lettuce, and Jalapenos.


I LOVED this tofu! Such a great pita! I had made the exact same combination for Derek and he enjoyed it as well.

For dessert I had brought along Jasmine’s Coconut Chocolate Chip Blondies to indulge in.


I have been keeping these in the freezer and its amazing how wonderful they are without any freezer burn.

We did some walking on the beach and may have got a little too much sun. Remember to always reapply sunscreen! Being a lobster is never fun.

The beach always wears me out, so luckily my Dad made us a yummy dinner and I didn’t have to worry about creating anything when I got home.


I had some Pork Roast, Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, Roasted Asparagus & a Water Roll. It was a great Sunday night meal at home.

I can always count on my Dad to have a freezer stocked with Ice Cream. I had a serving of Breyers All Natural Vanilla with GInger Snaps Crumbled on top.


I forgot how rich and creamy Breyers Ice Cream is. The vanilla flavor is so strong, I love it!

Now I am finally safe and sound at home very sad the weekend is over. At least I can go to sleep knowing I got the most I possibly could out of it. Tomorrow is my last day in the office before I head out to Long Beach, so its going to be a very busy day filled with lots of last minute details. This is the week I have been working towards since I started my job. Wish me luck!

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