Thursday, April 16, 2009

Long Day at Work

by Meghann on April 16, 2009

Sorry for the delay in post! It has been crazy on the Graduate Meghann work front this week and I was pretty much non-stop all day with my to-do list. I fly out on Tuesday for a pretty important work event and I just want to make sure everything is perfect and organized before I head out there.

I’m actually pretty excited because this is the first time I will be flying for business and I think it’s the first time I have had a hotel room all to myself. Boy do I feel like a grown up!…. and also like a little kid for just saying that. 😉

While I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off I did manage to put aside some time for good eats because trust me there is always time for good eats. 🙂

I had been dying to try the new Peanut Butter Chocolate Luna Cookie, but have been unable to find them around me. Luckily the nice people at Clif responded to my begging and pleading saw how wonderful of a blogger and reviewer I am and sent me one of my very own to try.


I love how the bar looks just like a broken Clif Z-Bar. I guess this is the grown ups version of it?


It even tasted just like a Peanut Butter Z-Bar which is wonderful! The PB Z-Bars were my FAVORITE before the awful PB recall. PB Z-Bars when will you come back into my life?? Until they do this Luna Cookie is the perfect substitution. 🙂

Today’s lunch was a beautiful plate filled to the brim with many delicious elements.


I had a Whole Wheat Pita that I stuffed with Smoked Salmon, Capers, Tomato Slices, Jalapenos & Kale.


With this pita I discovered that Kale is not a lettuce substitute. It may look pretty, but its too tough and bitter to eat raw. Lesson learned.

There was also Apple Slices on the side


And some fresh Broccoli that I dipped in Wildwood Indian Spice Hummus.


The hummus was very flavorful, but it really reminded me of French onion dip for some reason. Good thing I LOVE French onion dip! But, if you are not an onion dip fan then I would suggest not trying this.


A co-worker was kind enough to drop Dove Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs at my desk, which I enjoyed them immensely as a treat after lunch.


I had to rush back to work after lunch for a couple of back to back meetings. I was mentally exhausted and ready for my mid-afternoon pick me up. I was really excited for this snack as it was another new product to try. (I guess I am on a roll today with new things?)


FoodShouldTasteGood sent me some mini-chip sample version of their wonderful chips. All their chips are Gluten Free, an All Natural Good Source of Fiber, Not Genetically Modified, Trans Fat & Cholesterol Free. They also as the name suggest Taste Good!


The Chocolate version of the chips intrigues me I love the little note on the bottom of the back.


I experimented with the sweetness of the chips and dipped them in the rest of my WildWood Peach Soy Yogurt from my breakfast yesterday morning.


Even though the chip was a bit saltier then I was expecting I enjoyed the savory and sweet combination.


The chocolate chips only had the faintest hint of chocolate to them, otherwise if I had on a blind fold on I would have told you they were regular tortilla chips. They were still very yummy though and I look forward to trying the rest of the samples.

I had been looking forward to dinner tonight all week! I met up with Cailtin and our friend Neely at Caitlin’s favorite Thai Restaraunt, Royal Thai.

We started with an order of Spring Rolls.


Each of us enjoyed one and I stole the carrot from the garnish.

When it came time to order our our main meals I literally had no idea what I wanted and was still scanning the menu when everyone else was done giving their orders. I basically closed my eyes and pointed at #37 Seafood Eggplant.


The dish was basically a mix of seafood with eggplant, onions & pepper in a basil sauce. It was very, very good and I am really glad that I went with the spur of the moment choice. However, it wasn’t very filling so I had about 1/4 of the big rice ball that came with it.


I love girls night out and enjoyed unwinding after a long day with two wonderful ladies.

When I got home I needed something sweet so my Dove Dark Chocolate Bunny lost his tail and I snagged a few of my Sour Patch Watermelons as well.


It wet a bite of chocolate and then a bite of sour patch. Yum!

Looking back I realize it was a very chocolate heavy day. Can you tell it was a stressful day? At least tomorrow is Friday!! 🙂

Don’t forget you only have a couple hours left to enter my Honest Foods Giveaway!! The contest ends Midnight EST tonight!

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