Friday, April 10, 2009

When In Rome?

by Meghann on April 10, 2009

As soon as the hypothetical whistle blew today at work I was out of there. I was so anxious to get on the road and meet up with my running buddies.

Before the whistle blew I had a great snack to hold me over.


I missed my yogurt this morning so I had a container of Vanilla Oikos and 1/2 cup of Kashi GO Lean Crunch as my afternoon snack.

The drive to the hotel was an interesting one. We’re staying in Brooksville, Fl which is essentially the middle of nowhere, so I watched the landscape go from beautiful suberbia to cows and trailers. Welcome to no-mans land is what the signs should have said. 🙂

I was the last one to arrive at the hotel and was very excited to be greeted by Abbie (again the blogger not my puppy). If you haven’t read her blog, I would highly suggest you check it out. Its called Foods That Fit and she has competed in some pretty adventurous races, it was actually her idea that we all get together for this one.

Abbie was also very sweet playing the Easter Bunny (sorry, Derek I promise you haven’t been replaced!) She brought us easter baskets full of fun running goodies.


The tubber ware was filled to the brim with bars, advil, midrun fuel, music and oatmeal. Thank you Abbie!

She also brought us some homemade Raw Doughnut Holes I was eyeing on her blog yesterday.


Very good, like a Larabar only 10 times better!

After playing a round of catch up we all headed to the race site to pick up our shirts.


It was a beautiful drive in to the site under canopy roads deep in the forrest. Seeing the site made it that much more exciting!

Then it was time for dinner, the only problem is we are literally in the middle of nowhere and the options are limited. We first attempted to go to a cute little Italian restaurant Caitlin found online, but they were closed for Easter Weekend.

After driving a little farther west we discovered quite a few hole in the wall BBQ places and decided When in Rome? and stopped at one.


We were definitely outcast here, spending 10 minutes at the ordering counter ohhing and awwwing at the menu. Even though I grew up hanging out at the local BBQ joint back home on a weekly basis, I could even tell you the last time I stepped in one.

I finally decided on a Pulled Pork Sandwich with Corn Nuggets, Collard Greens, & UnSweet Tea.


This is one of those meals where it seems really great as your eating it, but regret it almost immediately when you’re done. It didn’t give me that full satisfactory feeling, instead it gave me that greasy lump in my stomach. It probably wasn’t the best pre-race choice.

After dinner none of us were satisfied so we threw options in the air of beer or Ice Cream, we all agreed on Ice Cream in the end.


1 Pint had 4 perfect servings.


I also just had a bite of a Super Charge Me Cookie Jenna gave Abbie…. SOOO GOOOD!!!

Now its time to call it quits and tuck myself in bed for my early wake up call in the morning. 15 miles here I come!!!

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