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  1. Lyss
    March 31, 2009

    Meghann! You ran 7 miles this morning! Give yourself a break; you deserve the right to satisfy your sweet tooth! 🙂

  2. runsarah
    March 31, 2009

    I like having something sweet with my lunch too – I just can’t resist!

  3. priscilla
    March 31, 2009

    Those crackers and jalopeno cheese looks divine. I’d love that right now! I love fruit too, but I should be eating more of it.

  4. Mica
    March 31, 2009

    Why did you think you were eating too much fruit? It’s not like you were eating your weight in chocolate.

    By all means, eat your fruit. You run so you can EAT WHAT YOU WANT. 🙂

  5. Sarah
    March 31, 2009

    fruit for snack is SMART and HEALTHY … but i find myself limiting it, too! and then i end up eating a million candies instead. should have just had the fruit!

    red lentil pb soup, yay!

  6. brandi
    March 31, 2009

    I guess that’s one good thing about NOT going home for lunch! i don’t usually have sweets in the office for after lunch, but I would want one if I was at home, too.

  7. Errign
    March 31, 2009

    I didn’t know you could eat too much fruit!

  8. Amanda
    March 31, 2009

    My secret weapon against my after-lunch sweet tooth is my toothbrush! I brush my teeth as soon as I’m done eating before my brain can tell me otherwise.

  9. karla
    March 31, 2009

    i love reading your blog! i have a quick question, can non-bloggers bid on items for the bake sale?

  10. L.A. Daze
    March 31, 2009

    I strongly believe that you can never have too much fruit!

    Although somebody did tell me once that mangos can make you fat. They’re my fave fruit though.

  11. Susan
    March 31, 2009

    My mouth thinks it deserves a sweet snack after every meal too!! I try limiting myself to chocolate only in the morning (cause that’s when I like it best) and then do something like a date or a mint after dinner.

    I also try to limit my fruit intake, but to two servings of fruit a day. That’s because if I didn’t, all six meals would be all fruit!! 😛

  12. Tina
    March 31, 2009

    The Oatmeal Raisin Bars are SO GOOD! 🙂

  13. Trish (girlatgym)
    March 31, 2009

    For a while I got way out of control with the fruit – I really had to cut back. But I like fruit 2-3 times a day. It’s so wonderful and yummy and good for you.

    I know a woman who refuses to eat any fruit. OMG!! I don’t think that is wise at all.

  14. Ryan (Chase Daylight)
    March 31, 2009

    You can never have too much fruit!! It’s just too good. And you ran a lot this morning so don’t beat yourself up about the sweets 🙂

  15. Erin
    March 31, 2009

    Fruit is one of my faves too! I do try to limit it as well, but I should be less worried about it. Some of it doesn’t sit too well with me though!

  16. Courtney (The Hungry Yogini)
    March 31, 2009

    i LOVE fruit! I can’t get enough! I myself have tried to cut back a little too but if I want fruit, you can bet I’m gonna have it!

  17. Amy
    March 31, 2009

    Re: fruit –I did the same thing a couple months back — rigorously cut back on fruit. Why? There were days that I was eating way too much fruit, but I also read a lot of articles about limiting fruit in a “clean diet.” Then in the last couple weeks, I realized that i’ve been overeating other carbs, nut butters, almonds, and other higher calorie/fat foods because those alternatives weren’t giving me the same satiety as fruit. Since reincorporating fruit moderately, I have been much happier and I think I have been mindlessly snacking less.
    i guess it all comes down to listening to your body, and not other outside factors, such as magazines or even your own health-focused mind.

  18. Erin
    March 31, 2009

    Isn’t it weird how we get these ideas in our heads about fruit? It’s like, the perfect food!
    Let me know how the “no sweets after lunch” goes. I have that problem with dinner. And it’s a serious problem!

  19. Marissa
    March 31, 2009

    Yay for spicy cheese!

  20. shelby
    March 31, 2009

    I love fruit but I don’t eat as much as I used to. Probably only like 1 piece a day, I don’t even crave it!

  21. Hallie
    March 31, 2009

    I totally agree with Amy. I also got into a “fruit isn’t the greatest” mentality, but I’m working on that…fruit is full of vitamins, fiber, and gives a healthy sweet fix! So much better than, say, Twix. I used to eat tons of fruit and no veggies, which isn’t great either, but it’s all about finding that balance, right? 🙂

  22. Lynne
    March 31, 2009

    I love fruit-I eat at least 2-3 servings a day, and I go through friut cycles. One week it will be grapes and apples, the next will be strawberries and oranges. It just depends.

  23. Emily
    March 31, 2009

    Wait…why were you limiting fruit?! I’m confused…but I like your new outlook on eating fruit whenever you want. 🙂

  24. runningwithin
    March 31, 2009

    I’m a firm believer lots of fruit in a diet is a good thing! I typically eat 3 pieces a day and I’ve never had any negative side effects with it. Engoy your fruit, life is too short to not savor the deliciousness of fresh fruit!

    As for snacking after lunch on something sweet, I’m the same way, my tips are to have a couple strawberries, their natural sweetness always seems to cure my sweet tooth or chew on gum for a little bit. Good luck on cutting back on the chocolate!

  25. Meg
    March 31, 2009

    I feel that same way about fruit sometimes. I tend to eat 3 or 4, sometimes 5 servings in a day. But it’s fruit and I love it! So I eat as much as I want now! Have to love nature’s candy!

  26. Sarah
    March 31, 2009

    You could combine the fruit and dessert goals, and have fruit after lunch. And yes, I am Captain Obvious.

  27. ksgoodeats
    March 31, 2009

    Cheese and crackers – YUM! I’m the same way with veggies as you are with fruit. I feel like I eat too much but oh well! At least it’s healthy?

  28. Bec
    March 31, 2009

    mmm that pecan bark looks so good, how could you not eat it!

  29. Niki
    March 31, 2009

    I am the same way about sweets! I feel the need to have something sweet after lunch and dinner! I wish I could stop but I just don’t have enough willpower! Haha

  30. lisaheartspizza
    March 31, 2009

    i know what you mean about sweets! it becomes a habit sooooo quickly! my meal doesnt feel finished sometimes if i don’t have a mint/sweet thing. then i need to remind myself that it is and i don’t really neeeed it! maybe you can up your fruit intake and satisfy your sweet tooth by having a piece of dried fruit after lunch? healthy and sweeet!

  31. Krista
    March 31, 2009

    OMG, doesn’t that soup rock?! I made a batch, too and love heating up the portions that I froze for quick lunches!!

  32. Danielle
    March 31, 2009

    That soup sounds so good!
    I tried to cut back on fruits a while ago and realized that some days I wasn’t eating any, I’d much rather have an extra piece then go a day with out any.

  33. Hangry Pants
    March 31, 2009

    I eat A LOT of fruit. I guess it’s a lot of sugar and I should opt for veggies sometimes, but I just can’t stop myself!

    haha – I am not sure the vanilla chobani would be v. good on that soup. 😀

  34. Marianne
    March 31, 2009

    Lunch sounds good to me – it doesn’t always have to be pretty/colourful to be good 😀

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