Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Do Not Love You Man

by Meghann on March 28, 2009

Ughh.. I just saw the worst movie ever. What ever you do, DO NOT see I Love You, Man in the movie theater. It was like two hours of torture.

I made the mistake of watching the 7:30 showing before I had dinner, so the whole time I was thinking about how hungry I us and how much longer this movie was going to last. I literally jumped out of my seat the moment to credits started rolling. I also had to hear my parents ridicule me for picking such an ‘awesome movie’ (Yes, there was major sarcasm!) ๐Ÿ™‚

Luckily the afternoon before the movie was not a total loss. Thanks to some German Crack.


My little brother volunteered my family to host a German Exchange student for the next three weeks and he was kind enough to bring some goodies. I guess the Germans are crazy for the Gummy Bears. I kept finding myself sneaking bears from the baggies this afternoon.

I also had to try some of the German Chocolate he brought over.


At first I selected the Marzipan Flavor…


… but after one bite I remembered I don’t like Marzipan so I gave that one to my Dad and tried a new flavor.


This one was much better. ๐Ÿ™‚

I remembered to bring my 30 Day Shred DVD to my parent’s house so I talked my Mom into doing the 20 minute work out with me.


Every time the we hit the floor the dogs took it as an open invitation to play and cuddle.


My Mom was yelling at Jillian at the end saying she couldn’t take anymore. But I am proud to say she stuck with me and completed all three circuits. Go Mom! Unfortunately she is already complaining about being sore… sorry Mom!

After our sweat session we hit the local Regal to sit through 2 hours of unfunny, awkward comedy. I will repeat DO NOT SEE I LOVE YOU MAN! Trust me on this one!

My parents live in a small town, so by the time the movie let out at close to 10 everything was shutting down. We just managed to make to the local seafood restaurant, Dixie Crossroads, to grab some take out before they shut their doors on us.


I was pretty hungry at this point so I ordered the Dozen Rock Shrimp Dinner with a Sweet Potato and Steamed Veggies.


The meal also came with Corn Fritters, which I am disapointed to say I ate all but two of. THey are just soo good and were staring at me on my plate! THe meal was pretty good though and exactly what I was craving.

For dessert I had my third piece of cake for the day.. but really whose counting?

I had the smallest piece of Angel Cake with Strawberries and Cool Whip.


I am sooo nto used to mixing sugar with my strawberries. These were very, very sweet. I much prefer fresh strawberries with their natural sweetness just fine. No sugar needed.

I am contemplating a short run tomorrow morning or I found Jillian Michaels’s Boost Metabolism, Burn Fat on demand. hmm… decisions, decisionsI guess it will all come down to weather. ๐Ÿ™‚

Good Night!

Baker’s Spotlight…

If youโ€™re looking for something drool worthy to bid on during my Blogging Bake Sale on April 6th then high tail it over to Erin at Gluten Free With a Purpose to have a gander at this beauty.

Did I make your mouth water yet?

The best part about having Erin as a baker is sheโ€™s willing to bake her item gluten free or non-gluten free so all of my gluten free friends please feel free to bid away and not worry about whether you can actually eat it or not. These particular goods are safe. J

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