Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fun Whole Food Finds

by Meghann on March 25, 2009

I got quite a few new finds at Whole Foods last night. My favorite part of going to Whole Foods is actually finding new cool food related items to experiment with.

Last night I tried the Soy Delicious Ice Cream for the first time and this afternoon I decided to try some Coconut Water.


I have been interested in trying Coconut Water since it started popping up on Jenna’s blog. She always says great things about the recovery beverage so I figured I would forfeit up the $1.50 and give it a shot.

I had high hopes especially after reading all the great benefits Coconut Water has to offer.


Unfortunately that first sip was not appealing at all. Not one to give up on new things, I took another sip and let it sit in my mouth before gagging. Not good at all.

I decided to get a second opinion and brought the Coconut Water to a co-worker I knew was willing to try new things. Even though he made a funny face after his sip, me managed to squint and say ‘not bad.’ I left the rest of the drink in his thirsty hands and determined my experiment with Coconut Water a no go. Oh well, we can’t win them all.

Luckily I had a great back up snack of Watermelon and Almonds.


Its amazing how well the almonds paired with the watermelon, I was eating combined bites of watermelon and almond.

After work I was on day ??? of my 30 Day Shred plan. lol I know I started on March 10 and I switch on the 10 increments… thats all that really matters, right?

I was tired and hungry, but I pushed through the 20 minutes and was ready to cook up a yummy meal using two other new finds I picked up at Whole Foods.

First up was some Tempah that even though I have had it at restaurants before, I was dying to cook with it on my own.


I basically took a suggestion right off the package and used a 1/3 of the package in an easy stir fry.


My Tempah Stir Fry started with some sesame oil to which I added the Tempah, Garlic, Broccoli, Carrot, Red Pepper Flakes, & Tomato and heated up until the tempah was crispy and the veggies were soft. While the veggies were cooking I made a handful of Whole Grain Noodles that I added to the veggies as well as 2 tablespoons of another new Whole Foods Find. (Last one I promise! 🙂 )


This Tamari Peanut Sauce was definitely a casual impulse buy, but I was sure glad I picked it. The sauce gave the stirfry a yummy peanuty flavor which was almost reminiscent of Pad Thai.


I wanted to give the dish some crunch, but was sad to not have any peanuts on hand. Instead, I sprinkled my noodles with Pumpkin Seeds which gave me the crunch I needed.

I hate having the same dessert two nights in a row, but I could not thinking about the Soy Delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream so I caved and had a small bowl with some mini Chocolate Chips on top.


Baker’s Spotlight…

Whitney from Whitney in Chicago has been opening everyone’s eyes in the blog world lately with her crack like granola that I have seen featured on both Andrea’s and Kath’s blogs.

Her recipe is so simple and so delish it almost inspires me to make my own… or I can just hold off on trying to bid on a batch of Whitney’s granola straight from the baker herself. The best part about bidding on Whitney’s Granola? She is going to make it completely customizable! You pick the dried fruit and nuts. Can’t beat that!

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