Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A New Friend

by Meghann on March 24, 2009

Tonight I had the pleasure of meeting up with a local blog reader at one of my favorite pizza spots, Mellow Mushroom, for some yummy mega-veggie pizza.


Kristen had contacted me last week to let me know she was a local fan and I told her we had to get together.


I love meeting people over the blog, because we always have so many things in common! Kristen recently completed the Disney Marathon through Team in Training, graduated from FSU, is obsessed with Whole Foods, and loves loading her pizza up with as many vegetables as possible just like me!

I started the meal with a cup of Tortilla Soup.


It was very thick and flavorful; full of spicy Mexican flavors.

Since Kristen and I were one semi the same page for pizza we decided to split a small Mega Veggie Pizza.


Of course, it wouldn’t be a true pizza experience we had not confused the server just a little.

For the whole pizza we asked for no butter and no parmesan on the crust. On my half I wanted no green peppers and to sub with pineapple. I also wanted no Mozzarella, but to keep the Feta. On Kristen’s half she wanted all the normal toppings, but no cheese at all. DId I lose any of you on that one?

The server made one attempt to put the order in then returned still confused what we wanted. LOL Luckily the second time she got it right and I enjoyed the best, over flowing pizza on earth.


I ate this slice x2. There was not even a topping left on the pizza tray when we were done. 🙂

After dinner, Kristen and I walked around Whole Foods and she talked me into buying this Chocolate Peanut Butter Soy Delicious Ice Cream.


She swore that it was amazing and that I had to give it a whirl. I mean, come on, its Ice Cream! She didn’t have to tell me twice 😉

I tried a half a cup with some Praline Pecan Granola when I got home.


HOLY YUM! This stuff rocked!!! I couldn’t even tell it was a soy ice cream. I would happily purchase this again and try other flavors as well. Kristen bought the Mocha Fudge, I wonder how hers was?!?!

Before I had left work today I had a Kashi Chocolate Raspberry Granola Bar so I could make it to dinner.


Baker Spotlight…

I have had the pleasure over the last 8 months of becoming good friends with the wonderful Jenna of Eat Live Run. She is just as down to earth as she appears on the blog with a heart of gold.

Jenna has graciously volunteered to bake up one of her famous goodies that is featured on her blog regularly. Who ever bids highest on her goods is in for a sweet treat. I mean after all she didn’t go to pastry school for nothing. 😉

Jenna has also recently joined Team in Training to run her first Half Marathon in San Diego in the Fall. I fully intend to support her fund raising efforts as she has supported mine. For more details check out her website for yourself. 🙂

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