Monday, March 9, 2009

The Helmet That Saved My Sister’s life

by Meghann on March 9, 2009


I owe my sister’s life to this helmet.

Last night I got the phone call you never expect you are going to get, my Mom called me in a panic to let me know my little sis had been hit on her bike.

She was riding along a busy road when a man pulled out of a neighborhood and blew a stop sign. The car collided with my Sister, knocking her off the bike then proceeded to run over her leg, hip, arm, shoulder and head. She said she could literally see the tire coming for her head. Thankfully after the incident she was consious enough to tell the guy my parent’s phone number and to have him call 911. An ambulance came and she was immediately airlifted to the nearest trama center, about a 45 minute car ride away.

Of course as soon as Caitlin and I heard we booked it out of Tampa and headed to the hospital. I got up to the minute updates as my whole family waited at the trauma center for word. Piece by piece I recieved nothing but good news. She was awake and wondering where we were… good news. The doctors say there is no internal bleeding… good news. Her CT came back clean and they can take the neck brace off… good news. There are no broken bones and she can go home tonight…. the best news you could ever ask for.

Kelly was only lucky becuase she was smart. She was wearing her helmet and without it her head would have been crushed instead of the helmet. The helmet sits in front of me now broken in 3 or 4 pieces. Those broken pieces of plastic gave me my sister’s life and for that I shall worship those pieces of plastic for the rest of my life.

Kelly is stumbling around today at home with our family. She has tire tread marks across her leg, hip, shoulder and arm. She also has road rash on her back and face, but those are just minor injuries that will heal in time. The swelling will go down, the bleeding will stop and my sister is determined to ride her bike again.

Thank you so much for all of your kind wishes, thoughts and prayers towards my family. My sister is alive with no broken bones… she truly is a miracle.

I am taking this time to spend with my family and will return to normal blogging when I feel the time is right. Until then please continue to hold Kelly close to your hearts, she has been through a traumatic experience and is still in quite a bit of pain. I leave you with my pleads to PLEASE WEAR A HELMET! It saved my sister’s life and will save yours as well. In fact we are heading out this afternoon to buy my sister a shiny brand new helmet. We’re pulling all the stops out for her on this one. 🙂

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