Sunday, March 8, 2009

Family Emergency

by Meghann on March 8, 2009

Hi everyone.  It’s Caitlin.  As you may have already heard via Jenna,  Meghann and I had to ditch the Britney Spears concert and RUSH back to Orlando.  Meghann’s lovely sister, Kelly, was hit by a car this evening while riding her bicycle.  Luckily, she was wearing her helmet.  Her prognosis looks OK right now.


Meghann is with her family on the east coast of Florida and doesn’t know when she’ll be back to Orlando.  But, she’ll resume blogging upon her return.


I know Meghann and Kelly would appreciate your support, so please keep Kelly in your prayers and thoughts.


This is a friendly reminder to ALWAYS WEAR YOUR HELMET — no excuses!

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Poolside Blogging

March 8, 2009

Happy Sunday Blog World! I am happy to report that it is another beautiful day in Central Florida, and please don’t hate but I may or may not be blogging pool side. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It is just too beautiful of a day to stay inside. And come on does this pool not look mouth watering refreshing more ยป

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