Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Keystone Adventure

by Meghann on February 5, 2009

Today’s skiing adventure is brought to you courtesy of Keystone Mountain where a good trail is only a Snow Cat Ride away. ๐Ÿ™‚


Oh yeah, I did that… but first let me start from the beginning.

This morning my Dad made pancakes for breakfast this morning. I attempted to make them at first, but let me tell you there is a reason why I always pull the waffle iron out instead… I am an AWFUL pancake maker. The one I tried was too lumpy and too big, so Dad took over after he had a good chuckle.


I had 5 of his perfect pancakes and topped them with an apple I had chopped and heated up with a little bit of Light Syrup.

We packed up the mini van and traveled to another one of my favorite mountains, Keystone.

I love the early morning gondola ride up.


We started out the morning getting lost in the trees where I decided to challenge a tree with a fight and lost miserably. I was left bruised and sore.


I like to call it my badge of honor. ๐Ÿ™‚

I worked up quite a sweat recovering and treated myself to a Chocolate Brownie Z-Bar on the chair lift ride back up.


We met my Mom and Aunt on the top of the mountain for lunch where I was set loose on the salad bar. I was starving at this point and just threw everything on my plate.


I will not even begin to recap what was on this plate, but just imagine everything possible on a salad bar and I grabbed a little bit of each. I ended up being a 2.53 lb salad and I ate about 75% of it and let my Dad finish the rest. I had poured some Blue Cheese dressing in a little bowl for fork dipping, but didn’t even needed. I may have dipped my fork in the dressing two or three times tops.


I also had a couple of Fries from the community Fry Plate in the middle of the table.

After lunch we decided to get ourselves into a little bit of trouble and took the last ride of the Snow Cat to the top.


I was one of two girls out of the group of fifteen who were making their way up.


The views were breath taking. We had a clear shot of Breckenridge across the mountain.


I managed to survive this adventure bruise free, thank you very much.


Around 2:30 my Dad decided it was a good time to enjoy the lounge chairs at the bottom of a chair lift and have a beer. I loved this idea, in fact I encouraged it. ๐Ÿ™‚


Unfortunately the beer selection was kind of blah, but I settled on a Heiniken.


I only had a few more runs left in me after this and I was done. I ditched my Dad and Twin Bro and headed to the bottom of the mountain where my Mom and Aunt had already called it a day. They were sitting outside at the cutest little cafe in Keystone Village called The Spoon.


They were enjoying some Alaskan Brews, but I had already had my fill of beer for the day and settled with a Hot Peppermint Tea. I also ordered a Hummus Platter for the table.


I had about 1/3 of this tasty plate. I especially enjoyed the tomato and hummus together, I will have to remember that combination for the future.

Leek Soup was the plan for dinner tonight. I was a little hesitant because of how heavy the soup can be so I got a little inventive with my serving and did a twist on the traditional bread bowl.


I cut an acorn squash in half and roasted it in the oven at 420 degrees for 20 minutes. I used the acorn squash as the bowl for the leek soup. It was a wonderful idea and really, really tasty!


I had a Biscuit on the side. ๐Ÿ™‚


For dessert we headed in town to a busy Crepe Stand, Melissa suggested.


My Dad, Twin Bro and I ordered the Strawberry Nutella Crepe to split between the three of us.


It was a bit of a wait, but well worth it. YUMMY!


I stood in the middle of the three of us and this is how the bites went… Twin Bro, Me, Dad, Me, Twin Bro, Me…. I think you get the picture ๐Ÿ˜‰ I ended up with a few extra bites.

Tomorrow is our last day of skiing and I am contemplating making it a half day. I have had a blast, but I feel like it has been non stop on the go since we’ve been here and I just need a couple of hours to myself. I am sad to leave Colorado, but there really is no place like home. ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh and I forgot to mention the wonderful Ashley from Daily Goods is a baker for the bake sale as well! There are just so many of them, I knew one was going to be accidentally left off. But I promise you won’t forget Ashley’s baked good when its time to buy. Her goods are looking mouth water delish!

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